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Prelude To War Pt. 2 of 6

Reel Number: 221130-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Germany,Italy,Japan,USA


TC Begins: 07:54:55

TC Ends: 08:04:24

Duration: 00:09:29

Continued... Japan, Emperor Hirohito riding before bowing people. Marching w/ formally dressed military. Banzai & cheering. Hitler w/ massive crowds. Italy & Mussolini w/ crowds. Uniforms of three countries. Animated black dragon from Japan; Germany & Italy animated. Elaborate parading in three countries. Hitler, Mussolini & Hirohito speaking to crowds. Diet, Reichstag & House of Deputies. 07:59:01 Slave labor or military digging canal in Germany. Brownshirts. Italian daggers; rifles & pistols in Germany. 08:00:23 New York Times headlines superimposed over firing guns and assassinations in Germany & Italy. 08:01:18 Tracking shot past cathedral; interior w/ stained glass windows. Woman & man crossing themselves. Stone thru stained glass window & picture of Hitler behind. Alfred Rosenberg speaking. w/ name as subtitle. 08:02:41 Montage of closing of churches in Germany and jailing of religious leaders. 08:03:35 Staged German classroom singing praises to Hitler. Montage of Italian, Japanese & German children saluting. Continued... WWII; WW2 History; Propaganda; Christians; Jewish;

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