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WWII - 1943, Documentary: Campaign In Sicily R2 of 3

Reel Number: H1683-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,948

Country: Canada,Italy,USA

Location: Caltaninssetta,Campobello,Gela,Palerm,Sciacca,Sicily

TC Begins: 10:29:57

TC Ends: 10:35:32

Duration: 00:05:35

R2 of 3 Debris of damaged landing craft in water on beach near Gela. 10:30:04 Italian prisoners of war / POW's along road & beach. Hillside w/ smoke rising; 3rd Division troops firing; clear minefields. 10:30:26 General Truscott w/ soldiers on road; troops thru Campobello & motorized artillery moved thru to front. 10:30:43 Wrecked German plane on airfield w/ US soldiers inspecting planes. Pan along roadside, dead enemy soldiers. Wounded treated near Gela. 10:31:04 Aerial over planes & gliders of 82nd Airborne. Ground of destroyed gliders & bodies shot down by friendly fire. 10:31:33 12Jul43 D-Day+2 troops in village w/ locals. 10:31:43 Illustrated map of area showing Ponte Secca, Scoglitti, Gela & Licata & 3rd Div location. Animation showing advance to Ragusa & meeting w/ British 8th Army. 10:32:03 GI firing, others into town; half-track up road. Captured troops. 10:32:22 Map showing line of D-Day+5, 15Jul43, to Mazzarino & Augusta & Agrigento. 10:32:32 Roadside sign, troop marching along thru towns & countryside. Passing Caltaninssetta. Kids watch, troops past roadblocks. 10:33:08 Map showing line of 18Jul43 & animation of cutting Sicily into two parts. 10:33:21 Troops thru Palermo & capturing POWs. POWs repair roads near Ribera. Troops advance. 10:33:40 CU sign: Sciacca. Troops enter in vehicles. Italian civilians & troops waving & greeting as 3rd Div. enters Palermo. Sign: Castelvetrano & troops entering w/ Patton wearing pistol & waving from tank. Troops march in from another side; LS over city. MCU Italian General Giuseppe Molinero talking & surrendering to Gen. Geoffrey Keyes. Troops of 2nd Armored & 3rd Infantry march into city & wash in fountains. 10:34:34 Palermo harbor w/ wreckage of sunken ships, downed planes. 10:34:46 Illustrated map of front extending across Sicily from Palermo to near Catania on 24Jul43, Animation. 10:34:54 Artillery firing along road in mountains, townss smoking. Italian officers surrendering & US tanks advancing towards Messina. Eisenhower & Patton into jeep, to inspect debris in Palermo. German bombing raid. 1943; WWII; WW2;

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