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WWII - Documentary: Campaign In Sicily R1 of 3

Reel Number: H1683-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943,1948

Country: Italy,USA

Location: Sicily

TC Begins: 10:22:52

TC Ends: 10:29:40

Duration: 00:06:48

Titles R1 of 3 10:23:01 Map of Europe, Mediterranean & North Africa w/ Sicily circled, then animation replaces w/ swastika & bombers headed over North Africa; replaced by bombers heading to Europe. 10:23:16 MCUs General Eisenhower, Commander; British Gen. Alexander, Deputy Commander; Admiral Cunningham, Naval Commander; Air Marshal Tedder; General Patton; General Montgomery,. 10:23:33 Illustration of location of Pantelleria. MCU Doolittle; air to air of US bombers dropping bombs, smoke clouds. Pan from water of shoreline. 10:24:04 11Jun Landing craft leaving troop transport & British infantry go ashore thru ruins. Mass of Italian POWs. 10:24:22 Axis planes bomb & sink Allied supply ship off the island. GOOD. 10:24:36 British engineers repair airstrip & underground hanger on the island. Bombers take off, in air & bombers bombing Sicily. 10:25:14 Troops & equipment loaded onto transports in harbor at Alexandria. Gen. Patton boards the Monrovia. Ike meets w/ Adm Alexander & Air Marshal Tedder on Malta. 10:25:45 LS navy ships at anchor, others docked waiting; at sea crossing & rough weather. Calmer seas w/ convoys, briefing shipboard. 10:26:35 Illustrated of coast line showiong Ponte Olivo, Scoglitti, etc. & arrows of landing points marked Joss, Dime (1st Division), Cent 45th Division to Scoglitti; 3rd landing on each side of Licata. Floating Reserve reinforcement behind. British deployment added towards Augusta. 10:27:30 Night naval bombardment. 10:27:35 Sun rising seen from ship & bombardment continuing; landing & men & supplies onto sand; floating causeway shown & jeeps & trucks off w/ mesh landing mats onto beach. DUKWs onto shore under shellfire. Men & equipment up sand. 10:28:51 Licata entered. D-Day+1 3rd Infantry Division w/ Patton wading ashore. German bombing of ships off shore & ammunition ship SS Robert Rowan hit & exploding. Animated map; WW2; WWII Landings; Invasions; 1943; Jul43;

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