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1940 - Yesterday’s Big Story - Dunkirk

Reel Number: 220728-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963,1940

Country: England,France,United Kingdom

Location: Dunkirk

TC Begins: 09:04:03

TC Ends: 09:06:04

Duration: 00:02:01

Yesterday’s Big Story - Dunkirk - Evacuation Burning buildings seen from coast. Troops. Small rowboats taking soldiers out to ships. Wading out to ships. Burning buildings & tired soldiers sleeping on deck headed for England. Barrage Balloons over slow moving men off ships. Greeted by other soldiers. Wounded helped ashore. CU eating & happy soldiers. Smoking. WW2; 1940; Failures; Retreat; WWII; Military Disaster;

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