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WWII - 1945, Documentary Features: War Comes To America R5 of 7

Reel Number: 220668-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1939-1941



TC Begins: 19:19:56

TC Ends: 19:30:51

Duration: 00:10:55

Compilation Film. Docks - Scrap iron being loaded on Japanese ships for export - demonstrators with placards re Japanese embargo. Dean Acheson seated at desk sums up arms embargo legislation. 19:21:17 1940 Hitler with officers at map table aboard railroad train Amerika (?). Animated map shows invasion of Europe. People listening to radio. French refugees being bombed by German planes. Group of men listening to car radio. Others listening to broadcast re Dunkirk. Brief battle scenes. More radio listening. FDR 10Jun1940 denounces Italy's entry into the war. 19:22:30 Radio broadcast by William L Shirer from Compiègne in France, re. French surrender - over shots Hitler approaching railway carriage in clearing. French, led by General Hunzinger ? Interior carriage. Nazi flag draped over statue. Family listening to radio - man changes station and girl sings “The last Time I Saw Paris” over shots of German invasion - laughing Nazi soldiers, weeping French civilians. Hitler on train. Deserted streets - German staff car drives down empty Champs Elysées - classic shot Hitler looking at Eiffel Tower. 19:24:29 German army setting up coastal defenses - big guns. Animated map shows proximity to America of defeated countries colonies / protectorates. 19:25:09 Brazil - German residents - children taught in German schools. Glider club. Japanese residents of Brazil. 19:25:32 Ecuador - German aircraft. 19:25:43 Argentina - German sports club 19:25:55 22Jul1940 Havana Conference for the Defense of the Americas. Cordell Hull making speech asks for hemispheric solidarity 19:26:32 Roosevelt asks Congress for military funds, aircraft & naval ships under construction. Draftsmen at drawing boards. National / Home guard units training w/ no equipment - flour bombs fired through stove pipes. Trucks labeled tanks - soldiers pretending to shoot with wooden guns. Montage of available military equipment - machine gun - field artillery - tanks. Demonstration of mortar launcher using empty lager / beer cans. 19:28:01 National guard call-up - leaving on train. Congress passes Collective Service Act. Conscription done by draw. Drafted men leaving homes - medical examinations - camp - training. 19:29:39 Nazi planes take off to blitz Britain. 19:29:49 Edward R Murrow broadcasts during air-raid. Daylight raid - German aircraft in flight - Ack Ack guns firing - barrage balloons. People in public air-raid shelter. Firemen fighting flames. 19:30:09 Sign: Main St. men looking at reports in window of War in England. Brief shot Royal Navy battleship. US port where old destroyers from World War One were harbored. These will go to England. WWII; WW2; History; Lack of Equipment;

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