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Beachhead to Berlin - D-Day Reel 2

Reel Number: 220649-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: EnglandFranceUNITED KINGDOM

Location: At Sea

TC Begins: 13:11:16

TC Ends: 13:21:45

Duration: 00:10:29

Beachhead to Berlin - Good Colour Fleet at rendezvous point - ships at anchor - barrage balloons. moody sunset shots. Ships clock. Montage faces. Dawn / night shots naval ships firing barrage at shore. Landing craft in water. Good shots destroyers firing guns. Landing craft moving towards shore. Aircraft fly over. Rockets fired from boats. LCVPs hit the beaches - troops run out. Baling out landing craft. Planes over - troops wading in sea. LCIs bring more troops and equipment. Coast Guard rescue cutter picking up dead and wounded from sea. Medic gives treatment 13:16:00 Men and supplies land on beaches. Medical field units - hospital ship - many wounded on stretchers. Casualties hoisted on board hospital ship. 13:17:03 Good top shot beachhead activity - LSTs landing and unloading of military equipment. Nazi flag lowered and replaced with US Stars and Stripes. Invasion forces and military vehicles moving inland. 13:17:55 French children looking at invasion forces. Gag sequence where US soldier is trying to get light for cigarette. Allied troops moving inland. German POWs out of truck. Old Merchant ships which had been scuttled to protect breakwaters. 13:19:17 Gale force winds - rough seas - crashing waves. Debris left after storm - sunken ships - clearing up operations. Coast Guard cutter Flying Angel - destroyed by storm. 13:20:24 Dead on stretchers lowered into transport ship. Chaplain in office typing letter to bereaved parents. Chaplain gets up from desk and walks away on crutches. Purple Heart medal on desk. D-Day; WW2; 1944; WWII;

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