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WWII - 1945, Concentration Camps, Austria: Mauthausen Camp & Victims Filmed

Reel Number: 220593-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: Austria,USA

Location: Mauthausen

TC Begins: 02:33:58

TC Ends: 02:40:57

Duration: 00:06:59

WWII - 1945, Concentration Camps, Austria: Mauthausen Camp & Victims Filmed Lib 1222 Horrific shots of hundreds of bodies piled on wagons & laying on the ground. Close shots dead faces & skeletal bodies - flies. 02:35:05 Women in group pose for camera. Emaciated boy or man w/ dark bandage around jaw standing next to barbed wire fence. CU. Other starved sitting on ground. Medics pile up bodies by hut. Released prisoners sitting around, man w/o shirt on, starved w/ ribs showing. Boys extremely thin. 02:36:02 Shots of camp from outside. 02:36:10 Flash slate - 166th Sig. Photo Co. Cameraman R. Graham. Compound in camp - more dead. Woman standing w/ bandage on chin. Interiors (very dark) w/ freed prisoners applauding. 02:36:34 Two inmates help third to walk. Man holding up naked man for cameras to see skeletal condition, walks him to tub & washing him. Throwing bodies onto horse cart, leaving. CU carts w/ blankets over dead. CU teamster by horse. 02:37:51 US GIs w/ rifles as man is questioned. MCU staring at camera. LS across barracks, along fence. Carts lined up outside barracks. Men walk past piles of blankets & clothes on road. Sign: Hoftlingsrevier over gate. Prisoners looking at charred remains in road. MCU emaciated man sitting in doorway. 02:38:39 Bulldozer & men w/ shovels digging in mud. 02:38:50 Emaciated young woman walks towards camera & poses while talking. Dead removed from car. 02:39:19 CU Open ovens with charred remains. Bodies loaded on cart by Germans while GIs watch; thrown body falls back off. Use blankets. 02:39:59 Camp guards (?) talking - two woman & men. 02:40:03 High angle over camp barracks w/ valley beyond, pan over to burial pits being dug w/ bulldozers. 02:40:24 MS woman sitting on ground. released inmate. Nurse & doctor w/ collapsed woman. 02:40:37 LS across smoking chimneys of ovens w/ valley beyond. Post-WWII; Camps; Holocaust; Horrors of War; Atrocities; 1945;

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