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WWII - 1945, Germany: Nazi Atrocities - Pictorial Proof of German Bestiality ca 12Apr45

Reel Number: 220469-27

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: Germany,USA

Location: Buchenwald,Hadamar,Nordhausen,Ohrdruf

TC Begins: 03:49:56

TC Ends: 03:55:32

Duration: 00:05:36

Main title: 20th Century Fox Presents - Movietone News over military montage. 03:50:20 Intertitle: Nazi Atrocities - Pictorial Proof of German Bestiality (w/ warning of gruesome sights). 03:50:48 Intertitle: Ohrdruf. Generals Eisenhower & Bradley walking thru slave labor camp w/ others; Gen. Patton looking horrified as they pass piles of corpses. 03:51:24 German civilians out of truck; Nazi camp commander taken on tour of concentration camp; guests read list of atrocities. 03:51:48 Walk into barracks w/ piles corpses; leave w/ handkerchiefs over faces. 03:52:23 Intertitle: Hadamar. Men digging, exhuming graves, bodies. Euthanasia camp / insane asylum: Exhuming Autopsy. Prison doctor interrogated by American officers & shown poison bottle. CUs. 03:53:03 Intertitle: Nordhausen. Hundreds of corpses laid on ground & visitors. Ex-inmates in striped uniforms look at camera, helped onto litters. Survivor crying on stretcher. Faces. Ghastly looks. 03:53:52 German civilians w/ shovels along road; pick up corpses. Priest beside jeep. Germans carrying bodies on poles in blankets / tarps. 03:54:15 American soldiers in front of mass grave / pits filled w/ bodies. 03:54:21 Intertitle: Buchenwald. Corpses. Club used to beat prisoners shown. Ovens w/ bones & skeleton inside. Liberated slave laborers attack Nazi officer. 03:54:43 Intertitle: US War Prisoners - POWs rescued & treated in field & along road, bandaged. Emaciated American POW in hospital shown by two nurses. WW2 Europe; 1940s; War Crime; Starvation; Concentration Camps; Holocaust; Horrors of War; Prisoners of War; Starvation;

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