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Hill 362 Fighting, Iwo Jima; unloading supplies

Reel Number: 220810-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Japan,Pacific

Location: Hill 362,IWO JIMA

TC Begins: 16:06:30

TC Ends: 16:16:09

Duration: 00:09:39

Hill 362 Fighting, Iwo Jima; unloading supplies LS explosions over Iwo Jima in night sky. Incendiary bombs or flares floating to ground. Little visible but several large explosions close by. 16:09:12 5th Division Marines. Daytime, CU Marine w/ corpse or wounded. Marines among destroyed terrain, fighter plane overhead & explosions in background. Troops running towards camera, stop. 16:10:17 12:30 29Feb45 Hill 362. B Company advancing across ridge, battlefield. 16:10:42 12:45 29Feb45 G Co. 28th Advancing to relieve B Co. Pan over desolate landscape, marines moving across w/ tanks parked. 16:10:58 13:30 01Mar45 “Our tanks into action just south of Hill 362. From in front of parked tanks w/ marines beyond. 16:11:23 MCU tanks parked firing. 16:11:33 5th Marine Div. CU Marine w/ wounded (continuation of that at 16:09:12). LS Marines carrying stretcher. LS explosions. Marines running to camera from explosions (more of 16:09:12 shots) just behind them. 16:12:42 Convoy of jeeps w/ many marines past camera. Marine talking w/ group of Japanese prisoners who make V sign. CU faces. Corpse. 16:13:26 01Mar45 Explosions of depth charges (?) off shore & US freighter trying to excape. 16:14:02 VS landing craft against black sand beach; bulldozer working. Crane. LST 143 & others in line. Men on shore gesturing. Beyond landing craft DUKW being loaded w/ supplies. Landing craft heading out. 16:14:40 Beached landing craft. Wrecked ship nearly parallel against shore w/ waves breaking over. 16:50:00 Shipboard crane unloading crates from ship; crane on shore loading cargo of 55 gallon drums onto tracked vehicle from door of landing craft. Landing craft 1028 w/ door down. Marine walking w/ “Drive Slow” sign over shoulders, digs hole for sign. Pacific War. POWs; Horrors of War;

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