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Reel Number: 220327-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: England,Greenland,India,Japan,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Atlantic Coast,Greenland,India,IWO JIMA,Lake Michigan,London,North Atlantic,Pacific Ocean,Utah

TC Begins: 07:41:29

TC Ends: 07:49:31

Duration: 00:08:02

Midnight Big Ben at night; illustration. Night view foggy London w/ Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. Plane flies over. All staged & large explosion. Montage of planes w/ propellers starting,whirring; patrol bombers. Pilot inside cockpit, plane takes off. Ships at sea. Map w/ Greenwich & illustrating GMT. Globe turning. Ship at night, release torpedo & seen speeding ahead, exploding (staged) Battleship w/ camouflaged convoy in North Atlantic. Planes escorting. Firing on submarine, explosion at sea. Camouflaged boat in Greenland. Explosion in ice. 07:44:27 Navy pilots practice landing on training carrier Wolverine on Lake Michigan. India, harbor, US troops embarking on converted liner returning home from Burma. Guadalcanal,hospital, nurses. Seas around Japan; US submarine coming out of water, strikes enemy merchant ship, explosion (grainy). Atlantic coast off US, PBY in water. Pilots look thru windows while patrolling. 07:45:55 Utah & huge inland supply depot; cranes stacking crates; warehouse, tanks & boxes piled. freight train. Sea views w/ battleships, US flag. US fighter planes takes off from aircraft carrier. POV plane strafing enemy ship as it explodes. Rockets fired from planes. Plane landing on carrier. Takes off & nosedives onto carrier, pilot helped by others. 07:47:57 Iwo Jima, battleships firing, good aerial views of naval battle. Burning plane diving into sea. Ships firing at island. Much smoke. Plane hit & into water. Painting of US soldiers w/ US flag, superimposed; “Buy more war bonds!” For 7th Liberty Loan. WWII War Effort;

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