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News Parade, Pacific, 1945

Reel Number: 221307-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Japan,Philippines,USA

Location: IWO JIMA,Pacific,Philippines

TC Begins: 11:14:23

TC Ends: 11:27:26

Duration: 00:13:03

News Parade, Pacific, 1945 Castle Films Title: MacArthur Liberates Manila! US Navy ships moving ahead, planes off carrier; fighters over Manila Bay & firing on ships. MacArthur watching troops going ashore; troops wading from landing craft. Hang flag on palm tree; moving along road thru jungle, wading stream. Artillery firing, soldiers advance, tanks firing; wounded treated. GIs run past burning hut. Artillery. Pampanga river crossed by large troop carriers. Row boats across. 11:17:07 Title: The 11th Airborne Division Descends On Manila Parachutes seen from air. Women greeting soldiers into town, collaborators marched w/ hands on head thru street. Bilibid Prison captured & inmates freed. Aerial of burning city; ground shots w/ troops thru. Flames & people moving goods, pigs, babies as buildings burn. Street fighting, rescuing wounded GI, stringing communications wire. Ringing bell in church tower, US flag hanging, people waving as flag draped. MacArthur arrives, salutes. 11:21:10 Title: U.S. Marines capture Iwo Jima Aerial of island & Suribachi. Navy shelling; plane crash landing on carrier deck; another into water & pilot swimming, thrown rope. Island w/ explosions as ships firing. 11:22:51 Landing craft to shore, inside one. Marines landing onto beach. Ships firing at cliffs. Fighting on sandy beach & moving ahead. LST unloading tanks; wounded carried down. POV from tank slit, troops move up, tank firing. Japanese crawling thru shells exploding. Tank flame thrower from inside. 11:26:28 Marines inspect reinforced cave, carry out burned guns. Rescue of Japanese prisoners onto ship deck. Men saluting flag on pole. The End. WWII;

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