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Post-WWII - 1945, End of German War: U-Boat Menace Ended; German Surrender; Liberated Art; Air War On Japan

Reel Number: 221730-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: France,Germany,Japan,USA

Location: Berlin,Cape May,IWO JIMA,Magdeburg,Nagasaki,New Hampshire,New Jersey,Pacific,Tokyo

TC Begins: 19:18:31

TC Ends: 19:25:55

Duration: 00:07:24

Post-WWII - 1945, End of German War: U-Boat Menace Ended; German Surrender; Liberated Art; Air War On Japan 19:18:34 POV past remaining debris of submarine pens. British soldiers viewing sections of prefabricated subs from dock. 19:19:00 From behind soldier looking at submarine underway U-858 on water approaching Cape May, New Jersey. Men on deck; German POWs / crew off onto dock & pose. Another submarine arriving in New Hampshire after surrendering, officers in conning tower. Prisoners marching past guards; CU Captain w/ crew posing. 19:19:57 Title: Germans Surrender Amid Ruins. 19:20:01 08May45 Allied soldiers enter Berlin’s Army School for surrender; interior w/ MCU Royal Air Force Marshal Tedder & USSR Marshal Zhukov; Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel enters w/ other officers. MCU seated, all signing, handshaking. 19:20:47 Officers touring Berlin & ruins; heavy destruction. Brandenburg Gate. Destroyed Hotels, etc. 19:21:28 Aerial over industrial city, Hamburg; shells of buildings. Destroyed shipyard & docks. 19:22:12 Title: German Loot Discovered. 19:22:15 LS of Merkers, Germany. Entrance sign over gate. Mine head w/ cable & wheels turning. GI thru hole in brick wall; officer opening suitcase filled w/ silverware, gold jewelry. Men show large oil portrait paintings in ornate frames. 19:22:56 Two officers holding gold bullion bricks, CUs. Large Reichsbank bags stacked. Bundled American money. 19:23:24 Title: In The Wake Of Victory. 19:23:25 Alps & lake. Large resort villa w/ meeting of many Allied authorities & German political & war prisoners. CU wife & daughter of Chancellor Schuschnigg. CU Fritz Thyisen & wife. Royalty wearing triangle from Dachau(?); General Frantz Halder & wife; Pastor Martin Niemoller / Niemoller. 19:23:58 Five Allied fliers, MS; CU Lord Lascelles, nephew of King George VI. 19:24:07 Lt. John Winant son of Ambassador. 19:24:11 Magdeburg & two US soldiers walk w/ ex-governor & radio broadcaster Gen. Dietmar (?) talking w/ officers. 19:24:29 Title: All Out Air War On Japan. 19:24:33 Air to air of B-29 bomber, bombs dropping & explosions at Nagasaki. Map of Saipan to Tokyo. Other bomb explosions. Heavy flak; fighter planes past bomber. B-29 landing on Iwo Jima. Inspecting shrapnel holes in fuselage. CUs of damage. Planes on field. WW2 Aftermath; Horrors of War; Prisoners of War; POWs; Anti-Nazi; Looted Art Treasures; 1945; May45; Pacific War;

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