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Saipan Landing Strip / Gen. Hap Arnold

Reel Number: 220850-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Japan,Northern Mariana Islands

Location: Saipan,Tokyo

TC Begins: 12:43:50

TC Ends: 12:53:28

Duration: 00:09:38

Saipan Landing Strip / Gen. Hap Arnold Seabees use bulldozers and demolitions to clear an airstrip. Various construction and laying airstrip. Two men writing B+O Express on RR wagon. Tents. B-17 bombers overhead. Bombs dropping on Iwo Jima and Yap. ? 12:46:48 Three officers including General Hap Arnold walking on airstrip. Gen. Arnold introduced to crew of B-29 who are going to Saipan to join 21st Bomber command. Gen. Arnold talks to crew re 20th bomber command operating from China. Tells crew they will be operating much closer to Japan. Gives message to deliver to Japanese when they make first raid on Tokyo. Bomb trolley brought in - message written on bomb to the war lords of Japan. 12:49:35 Animated map showing route from Saipan to Tokyo. Formation bombers in air. Aerial view, land seen through cloud. Bombs away. AVs bombs exploding. B29s in formation flight returning home. Plane crashed on airfield, night shots flames. Day shots smoke rising from crashed plane NOTE: Push-Pull track has been re-recorded. Can re-order for better quality.

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