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United News (Japan Surrenders)

Reel Number: 221405-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: China,Japan,USA

Location: New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 09:00:38

TC Ends: 09:11:28

Duration: 00:10:50

United News (Japan Surrenders) 09:01:07 Title: Japan Surrenders 1931 dock scenes w/ Japanese troops leaving for Manchuria, boarding ships; sitting on docks; military officers march past camera. Explosions. Shanghai 1937 ruins; executed bodies in streets. Japanese troops thru street in 3-wheel motorcycle. 09:01:36 League of Nations w/ Japan’s delegates speaking & walking out. Out of building. Troops in field firing machine guns, artillery & infantry running thru rice fields. Man holding large Japanese flag. 09:02:11 Italy into Ethiopia; raising flag. CU of diplomats at signing of Axis Military Pact, 1940. Talking at microphone, saluting. 09:02:40 Refugees thru streets of China, along fields. Fighting, camouflaged guns, fields. Diplomats Kurusu & Nomura into US ?? Pearl Harbor ships burning. Fleet at sea in dramatic formation. Large battleship guns firing; troops landing on Pacific Island beaches. Philippines & Allied prisoners, CU man w/o arm. MS Gen. MacArthur talking to people. Aerial of Iwo Jima. Battleships firing; aerial of ship to shore; dead bodies; raising US flag on Mt. Suribachi. 09:04:53 Gen. Buckner briefed at map, CU. Okinawa, wounded on stretcher; GIs blowing up cave, firing rifle, Japanese tumbling / falling out. Mass of Japanese surrender. 09:05:24 Kamikazee seen from ship w/ planes diving into water. Ship firing at planes, coming into ship. Carrier burning. Burial at sea. Military cemetery. 09:06:28 B-29s on runway, loading bombs, Map. B-29s in flight formation. Aerial over ships. CU Adm. Halsey. 09:07:19 Potsdam w/ Attlee, Truman, Stalin seated. Russian troops marching. 09:07:41 Hirohito on white horse. Stimson into White House, Forrestal arrives; around cabinet table. Shots of FDR during war. 09:08:31 CU of Chiang Kai Shek; Adm. Chester Nimitz; Truman w/ cabinet. Hull in CU. 09:08:57 CU Truman SOF: “I have received this afternoon from the Japanese government...” 09:10:03 Reporters rush out. People in Times Square at zipper sign. People cheering filling street, paper out of buildings. View from above. Dancing in street. Sailor waving flag; confetti. Kissing. Night & people filling streets & lights on. Outside Hotel Astor. The End. WWII Pacific War summary; Compilation Film; Military Newsreel; Horrors of War;

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