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WWII - 1945, Japanese Newsreel Nippon News #246: Enemy Planes Attack our Homeland

Reel Number: 220817-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: China,Japan

Location: IWO JIMA,Kanagawa,Kansai,Pacific,Shaochow,Shiba,Tokyo

TC Begins: 05:48:52

TC Ends: 05:57:10

Duration: 00:08:18

WWII - 1945, Japanese Newsreel: Enemy Planes Attack our Homeland 05:49:05 American bombers attack Japan. Japanese troops "determinedly" and "cheerfully" clear wreckage of American bombers shot down over the Kansai area,Tokyo, Kanagawa & Shiba prefectures. 05:50:49 Plane formations; high altitude shots of naval ships. Hosing burning building. Many downed US bombers, some still in flames. 08:52:32 Title: War Clouds Gather over Iwo Jima. Map. 08:52:57 Montage: waves, marker, air sock in wind. Two Japanese fighters take off - excellent MCU pan round plane. Soldiers on Iwo Jima sound alarm & prepare to fire on American bomber; a trail of bombs explode as they hit the ground. 05:55:09 Title: Strategy on the Continent Captures Shaochow. Map. 05:55:28 Japanese infantry march across rural areas - wrecked bridge - crossing river on boat - firing guns outside Saochow. Troops enter city & roam empty streets lined w/ damaged buildings. 1940s; WW2 Fighting; Sold at per reel rate.

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