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WWII - Color, 1940s: Navy & Aircraft Strafing & Bombings

Reel Number: H1295-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: Japan,USA

Location: IWO JIMA,Okinawa,Pacific

TC Begins: 10:29:01

TC Ends: 10:40:03

Duration: 00:11:02

WWII - Color, 1940s: Navy & Aircraft Strafing & Bombings Aerial of small ships strafed in harbor; bomb hits & explodes in water. Other ships strafed & machine gunned, burning. Tramp steamers; freighters. POVs during strafing runs & bombing of ships. Ships burning, flying thru heavy black smoke cloud. Many ships burning. 10:31:54 Slate: Production Scene 343, Int. McKinney’s cockpit. He is wounded. Radios he will make water landing. 10:32:08 Air to air of two TBMs in flight. 10:32:18 CU TBM w/ wheels down; BB underway in BG. 10:32:33 Scene 356 McKinney’s plane hitting barrier. 10:32:39 View from deck of TBM coming in for a landing over flight deck; plane bouncing & CU Plane crashing into island aboard unidentified carrier. 10:32:59 Slate: ...Task Force underway off Iwo Jima. 10:33:06 Aerial LS large task force making a starboard turn. 10:34:23 AtoG ELS Task force off Iwo Jima; PAN to Mt. Suribachi. 10:34:42 Slate: ...Task Force in Ulithi anchorage. 10:34:50 Aerial PAN over large Task Force, hundreds of ships of all sizes and shapes. 10:35:34 Slate: ...Tanker burning at Ulithi. 10:35:41 Violent heavy black smoke pouring up from ship; other ships surround the area. 10:36:09 MS DD destroyer dropping ash-cans w/ explosions going off after ship. 10:36:26 Slate: Montage: task force under way to Okinawa. 10:36:40 CU Looking down over starboard bow of ship cutting water en route to Okinawa. MS Looking out over deck; many F-6s parked on deck. MS CV underway. MLS CA underway. MLS CV underway w/ Task Force. LS Carrier and DDs with other ships underway en route to Okinawa. 10:37:21 Aerial many ships off beach at Okinawa as far as the eye can see. LS from water of LSTs; beautiful clouds in BG. Several LCIs underway. 10:38:12 LS Area covered with smoke; plane flying over area 10:38:27 MLS Area being strafed. POV Hangar being strafed. Other shots of strafing. 10:39:21 LS Allied ships underway in formation (ships are in silhouette). 10:39:50 Slate: ...Cooper hits Jap Plane. AtoA MS Fighter hit in rear by pilot COOPER of camera aircraft; plane explodes. WW2; Pacific Islands;

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