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WWII - Pacific, Iwo Jima

Reel Number: 221164-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Japan

Location: IWO JIMA

TC Begins: 05:10:25

TC Ends: 05:20:06

Duration: 00:09:41

Iwo Jima WW II - no location or date known US marines on board ship clean and oil rifles, bayonets & anti-aircraft guns aboard ship. 05:11:11 Sailors or marines clothes sprayed, delousing, & get hair cuts. Top shot marines get map orientation lecture (Iwo Jima) on board ship - wearing camouflage helmets. 05:13:52 More cleaning of bayonets and rifles - two sailors playing checkers ( draughts ) 05:14:54 Two naval bombers in flight ( short ) AV Ships - naval bombers in flight - Aircraft carrier at sea. 05:15:37 Bomb bursts on island, smoke rises in distance; in foreground naval landing craft. 05:16:16 From land towards sea showing many naval ships at anchor. Various types landing craft. LVTs move supplies shoreward. Unloading activities - military vehicles & equipment move inland. 05:17:12 Cranes move supplies to LVTs, troops unload gasoline drums from landing craft. Sailors stack supplies. Bulldozers, cranes & tracked vehicles moving inland. 05:19:15 Sandbag emplacement as marine operates radio; marines eating in bunker. Marine on high ground sends semaphore message. WW2 - Pacific - Iwo Jima; Communication;

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