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Battle Ahead, The

Reel Number: 220413-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945



TC Begins: 04:44:20

TC Ends: 04:52:19

Duration: 00:07:59

The Battle Ahead Secretary of Navy James Forrestal at desk says there can be no let up until Japan has been defeated. Admiral King looks forward to total victory. Montage navy battle scenes in the Pacific - ships firing - landing on the beaches. Animated map shows progress across the Pacific islands. Good montage battle scenes in the Pacific - Naval ships firing - aircraft - kamikaze - ack ack - flak - ship explodes - aircraft in flames on deck. Mass of dead Japanese troops on beaches. 04:49:30 Japanese soldiers marching and fighting. US troops using flame throwers to burn out foxholes. US production shots - full production still needed to defeat Japan. 04:50:52 Admiral of the Fleet Nimitz at desk speaks re war against Japan and continued war effort needed following Victory in Europe.

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