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Battle Of China, The R1 of 6

Reel Number: 220830-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: China,Mongolia

Location: Manchuko,manchuria,Mongolia,Shanghai,Tibet

TC Begins: 19:48:28

TC Ends: 19:57:38

Duration: 00:09:10

Battle Of China, The R1 of 6 Why We Fight series compilation film - Japanese invasion of China Aerials of Japanese planes bombing, bomb sight, bombs drop. Ground & explosions, Shanghai citizens flee. Explosions seen from air & ground (some staged). People racing thru street. Dead bodies & wounded. 19:50:12 China pagoda temple, farm land & many people. Historical illustrations. 19:51:28 Animated Map of China & surrounding regions w/ scenes of mining in Manchuria. Gobi Desert in Mongolia w/ nomad tribes & camel caravans. Himalaya mountains of Tibet. 19:52:28 3 rivers of China. Ships on Yangtze River. Montage agriculture, Chinese people, crowds. 19:54:11 Chinese inventions: printing, mariners compass, astronomy, porcelain, gunpowder. 19:55:08 Statues, people, pagodas. 19:55:23 Japanese artillery fires and cavalry advances w/ superimposed American flag. Describes Japanese plans for world conquest; contrasts Japanese unity w/ Chinese disunity as broken jigsaw puzzle. Map showing planned expansion. Japanese Emperor reviewing troops. Chinese Architecture; WWII History; Population; Propaganda;

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