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Dead March

Reel Number: 221208-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1937

Country: England,Switzerland,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Geneva,London,New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 00:31:28

TC Ends: 00:39:09

Duration: 00:07:41

The Dead March R1 of ? USA - 73 min. War Drama by Bud Pollard Main titles, Large gun fires. Foreword & optical effects. 00:33:33 Armistice Day military parade thru NYC, man enters WWI Veterans Club, men sit around radio listen to radio broadcaster introduces radio editorialist / columnist Boake Carter, CU wounded, blinded veterans w/ amputations listen to broadcast, small image of the broadcaster on the radio transmitter. 00:35:16 Radio broadcasting studio radio editorialist Carter reads out poem about war. 00:36:16 Press entrance for League of Nations, guards at the door, speaker on podium in big congress hall; short clip of anti war meeting(?). 00:37:07 Speech (SOF) by King Edward (?) dressed in soldier’s uniform w/ black armband & fur hat, tells how he hopes that no generation ever again has to experience such terrible days. 00:37:27 Short clip of speech by General Pershing (SOF). 00:37:38 President Roosevelt on the podium, speaks about war “I have seen war...” & his personal experience of seeing it all, various shots showed during his speech - battle fields, injured soldiers, corpses, starving kids, ends the speech w/ words ”I hate war!”. 00:38:28 CU Radio commentator Boake Carter continues his anti war speech (SOF), speaks about Asia & Manchuria; Japan. (Incomplete?) Pacifist; Feature Documentary; Pre-WWII; Horrors of War; 1937; WW1;

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