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Dealers In Death Pt. 4 of 6

Reel Number: 221219-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1935

Country: China,France,Switzerland,USA

Location: Briey,Manchuko,manchuria,New York City,NYC,Versailles

TC Begins: 21:40:20

TC Ends: 21:51:55

Duration: 00:11:35

Dealers In Death Pt. 4 of 6 Missing main title Hand grenades; fighting, planes, barrage balloons burning & falling. Day & night fighting. Large phosphorous explosions. Open pit mine in France & shipping to Switzerland. Animated map w/ train moving around. Dumping ore; steel mill; testing artillery in factory. Crane moving gun part. Explosions; carrying wounded on stretchers; trenches. Gun explosions. Briey from distance. POV thru mine and digging coal. Moving ore in cars. 21:44:08 Pan over devastated no-man’s land. Staged trench fighting. Evacuating wounded on trains. Hospital & officers inspecting wounded. Dead bodies. 21:45:27 Pan over munitions plant Interior & workers. Stock market shots. Page listing dead by name & units. More stock market floor. 21:46:20 Church bells, Armistice. Peace Conference at Versailles, France. Wilson & others inside, exiting. 21:47:09 Russian troops & Generals (soft). 21:47:40 Romanian Revolution & Hungarian troops down street. 21:48:10 League of Nations meetings. Locarno, Geneva. 21:48:56 William B. Shearer, American propagandist lobbyist. Wrecked League of Nations Conference. London Naval Conference. 19:50:49 Map of Japan invading China. Artillery firing. Troops out of trenches, carry wounded. Bodies in streets w/ hands tied. Troops running, firing from behind walls. Planes bombing in Manchuria. Heavy artillery firing. Big explosions. Bodies in streets, damage. (GOOD) Pre-WWII; Arms Race; Capitalism; Arms Dealers; Armament; Wars - Fighting; Bombing; Peace Conferences; Anti-War Film; Stock Exchange; Big Business;

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