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Irake Man-Mo Nihon No Shimei R1

Reel Number: 220850-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1934-1936

Country: China,Inner Mongolia

Location: Harbin Hsinking,manchuria

TC Begins: 13:12:16

TC Ends: 13:22:21

Duration: 00:10:05

Irake Man-Mo Nihon No Shimei R1 Praises and describes the lives of Japanese immigrant "pioneers" in Inner Mongolia. R.1: Introduces Japanese role in Manchuria through views of communications, government, and military office buildings in Hsinking. Shows rail network across Manchuria tracking shots from train. 13:14:48 Huge monument? various shots buildings and scenes of life in Harbin, the "international city". Various street scenes. Military barracks? Details architecture. 13:16:44 Rail yard, sleepers, laying track. Map. More track laying. Train up and past. Panoramic top shot over town / city. Street scenes with pedestrians in Western dress. Animated map. Top shot smaller town - mud roads. Troops? along road in truck 13:20:29 Rural areas, farmland. 13:21:05 Shrine - Buddhist priest? - religious ceremony . 13:21:34 Village street. Children into school? Farm, children, horses in sheds.

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