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Japanese Background Study Programme Part 2 - Natural Resources of Japan 1939-1945 R1 of 2

Reel Number: 221153-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1920s-1940s

Country: Japan


TC Begins: 11:14:47

TC Ends: 11:23:41

Duration: 00:08:54

Japanese Background Study Programme Part 2 - Natural Resources of Japan 1939-1945 R1 of 2 American commentary describing Japanese life. Farming scenes, Japanese workers in rice paddies & fields. Long line of women knee-deep in paddy field wearing identical patterned coats & hats, bending over to plant? seeds. Threshing grain in machines operated by foot pedal. VO re crops supplementing main rice yield. Potato harvest. Straw used in thatching roof & making screens. MCU woman sprinkles seeds. Fruit picking in orchard. Tea leaves picked. Salt marshes, workers fill baskets w/ salt. Map showing fishing grounds around Japan. 11:17:25 Fishing scenes: young men haul in nets, women help. VO “The average Jap eats from fifty-nine to a hundred pounds of fish per year” fish thrashing about in water as nets raised. Fleet of fishing boats in harbor. Deep sea boats underway, nets offloaded. Large trawler at sea; crewmen refrigerate catch in hold. 11:18:40 Prewar Japanese fishing scenes -1920s? - crabs hauled on board. INT “floating cannery” / factory canning crab meat & salmon for export to US; CU tin of crab ‘Icebound Brand’. Japanese women use trained cormorants to fish in shallow riverbed, bird on string, fish forced from beak into wicker basket. Seaweed harvest processed. Cartoon of Japanese man at dinner table w/ VO re nutrients gained from various foods - animation of various typical dishes. 11:20:33 Japanese occupation of Manchuria ? Battle scenes, heavy guns fired, bombs dropped on city. WWII scenes - good aerial shot ship explodes, clouds of smoke - downed Japanese planes burning. VO re resources needed to sustain warfare. Iron ore mining, blast furnaces, smelting etc. Map showing location of iron ore deposits in Japan. Stockpiles of imported iron ore. Heavy industry: mining of minerals to strengthen iron ore, dynamiting hillside to extract tin. Copper ore on train. Underground miner extracting bauxite? Miners w/ helmets wait for lift to take them underground. Top shot quarry - men digging minerals by hand, shovelling into wagons; top shots wagons full of quarried material along tracks & hoisted up slope. Economics; WW2 Raw Materials; War Production; War Effort; Japanese Home Front; Pre-WWII; Propaganda;

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