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Nippon Marshals Armed Forces As War Clouds Loom

Reel Number: 221245-24

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1936

Country: China,Japan

Location: Manchuko,manchuria

TC Begins: 02:24:05

TC Ends: 02:24:46

Duration: 00:00:41

Nippon Marshals Armed Forces As War Clouds Loom Japanese troops marching thru mud; Hirohito (?) on White Horse along road w/ other riders. Troops in field cross large water filled ditch; firing machine guns. Soldier on thatch roof firing; men swimming across river or canal w/ swords & equipment packs. Out of water & across bridge w/ smoke. Note: This is an assemblage of shots from somewhat different locations. Some or all probably in Manchuko. Pre-WWII; Japanese Military Fighting; Sino-Japanese War; Pre-WW2; 1936;

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