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Nobiyuki Kokuto Dai - Shinkyo aka Expanding Hsinking, The Nation’s Capital (1936-38)

Reel Number: 221678-12

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1936-1938

Country: China,Japan

Location: Changchun,Hsinking,Manchukuo,manchuria

TC Begins: 15:17:35

TC Ends: 15:26:24

Duration: 00:08:49

Nobiyuki Kokuto Dai - Shinkyo aka Expanding Hsinking, The Nation’s Capital (1936-38) Japanese title. Diagram of new capital city w/ arrows w/ characters pointing out ?? 15:18:28 View up center of metal antenna, very geometric; tilt down ladder. Row of other towers. GOOD. 15:18:44 Montage: Trees & clouds, modern building; car along new street, apartment (?) houses, attached houses w/ brick chimneys. Pan over field to building under construction 15:19:26 Japanese inter-title: ?? Men shoveling dirt on top of large pile, carrying bags & materials. Large concrete culvert or tunnel under construction. Men pushing narrow gauge railroad carts; LS of temporary tracks to move dirt & pan over men doing manual work on large construction site (railroad cut?). MCU moving dirt carts on rails. CU concrete moved in large wheelbarrows & poured . Crane raising buckets & dumping. Men carry bricks & mud on tall building. Laying reinforcing rods for flooring. Pan scaffolding. 15:21:39 Finished exterior of large government building; roof details. Car past newly completed buildings. Pan & views of buildings, cars parked outside. View of empty wide streets. 15:22:22 Entrance gate w/ Japanese characters naming building. Views of building, ornamental & architectural details. 15:22:36 Japanese inter-title: ?? Map of coastal area of Manchukuo (?) w/ railroad lines (?). Montage of tracks, signal, steam passenger train runbys & entering / thru station. 15:23:53 Japanese inter-title: ?? Aerial over railroad under construction (?) and river. View from on tracks of trestle under construction, from ground. Men working; moving section of trestle into place from on top of existing trestle. Men laying track, carrying ties, dropping & moving rails into place from railroad flat car. 15:25:36 Japanese inter-title: ?? POV from rear of train of rails & new roadbed. POV from front of train along newly laid track up valley. GOOD 15:25:51 View of canyon from train. Steam engine & passenger train runby. 15:26:19 Japanese title: The End (?). Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2; Second Sino-Japanese War; 1930s; Hsinking, Manchukuo; Changchun, Manchuria;

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