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Sakuhoku No Kogun Reel 4 of 4

Reel Number: 221113-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1932-1934

Country: China

Location: manchuria

TC Begins: 01:51:10

TC Ends: 02:04:53

Duration: 00:13:43

Sakuhoku No Kogun Reel 4 of 4 Promotional documentary on the hardships of military life in Manchuria and the peoples gratitude toward the Japanese. Japanese intertitles. 01:51:10 Japanese army w/ artillery fighting near Great Wall of China - gain victory. NB Some film damage. 01:54:17 “??? re freezing” 01:54:32 “Relationship with teacher” 01:54:34 Crowds of Manchurians thank Japanese - Japanese army march through city. 01:54:43 “(old Japanese)” Nazi swastika flags glimpsed in crowd. Japanese sentry - hilly terrain. 01:55:21 Military Headquarters. 01:55:51 “The Great Wall...was the past” 01:56:06 “Chinese occupied in the war but they also have a hard time and patience.” 01:56:29 Emperor’s Palace in Tokyo. Manchuria declared independent state - Pu Yi - General Chang Hsueh-liang and Lt General Nobuyoshi Muto participate in ceremonies. Parade w/ dragon, stilt walkers in Manchuria. 01:57:28 “Bonsai” (aka Victory) 01:57:33 “And they announce about the Emperor’s spirit; built ??, 01:57:5? “And...” Triumphant Japanese military on trucks through streets, flag waving, train through station, flag waving. 01:59:04 Ships in harbor celebrations - women with comfort parcels for troops. 01:59:52 Shrine & Shinto priest blessing two motor bomber. Single engine plane (”Loving Country”) takes off. 02:00:3? INT hospital, wounded soldiers cared for by nurses. Student rallies. 02:01:5? Funerals & students collecting money. 02:02:1? Troops on the march through hills, 02:02;31 “Old soldiers focus their mind even when hungry & cold.” 02:02;38 Troops marching on hillside. 02:02:53 “(old Japanese??)” 02:03:00 Japanese troops riding on ridge, silhouetted. 02;03:15 “They are carrying parcels which are Japanese wishes”. 02:03:20 Snow & troops marching. 02:03:3? (old Japanese) 02:03:4? Biplane takes off 02:03:55 “Even in the face of death they smile.” 02:04:0? truck convoy. 02:04:13 “Military officer” 02:04:2? Convoy of trucks. Travelogues. Japanese Occupation.

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