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Tokyo Shrines & Japanese Military Activities - 1938

Reel Number: 221076-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1938

Country: Japan

Location: Tokyo

TC Begins: 08:00:09

TC Ends: 08:11:58

Duration: 00:11:49

Tokyo Shrines & Japanese Military Activities - 1938 Vol.5 #9 Sep38 Japanese schoolchildren in work brigade marching to Sanjushi Shrine - girls and boys stand in front of shrine and bow - remove hats - sweeping ground and cleaning shrine. 08:01:30 Crowds outside Asakusa Temple - Japanese women in traditional dress sewing Sennenbari belts to be sent to their soldiers in China; one woman w/ baby in sling. Women burning incense at the Senko Booth of the temple to the god Rokuzizo symbolising pity; CU women praying. Old man selling incense. 08:03:12 Japanese soldiers of the Young Men Youth Movement marching away from Asakusa Temple. Women of the National Defense Association parade through streets in white uniforms w/ Japanese flags to Asakusa for service; parade stops near temple and bows. 08:04:44 Japanese soldiers marching through Yasukuni Shrine for men killed on foreign soil - LS soldiers march through high Toril gateway into shrine - wounded soldiers / war veterans in white leaving shrine. 08:06:11 Woman holds baby up to father in back of truck; soldiers in white w/ army caps into trucks. Family groups visitng troops at barracks - CU little Japanese girl in kimono. MCU drill master shouting orders. 08:07:25 EXT entrance to Army barracks. Soldiers sit waiting w/ protective fencing-style masks; Japanese officers watch recruits practising hand to hand combat in protective gear on field; troops lined up - bayonets attached - marching w/ rifles - troops into building w/ full uniform & battle gear. 08:09:25 Good close shots of soldiers practising hand-to-hand combat in protective headwear. Rifle practice - soldiers on ground. EXT Army Hospital - one-legged soldiers pose for camera w/ bicycles - wounded soldiers walk around grounds of hospital w/ nurses - some on crutches. 08:11:30 EXT Japanese theatre building? w/ carvings - traffic passing in front. Entrance gates to Army HQ - car leaving - CU sentry stands to attention. Pre-war Japan. Manchuria. WWII. Pacific War.

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