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Nazi Plan, The R2 of ? - Prosecution Exhibit 1232 (Part 1)

Reel Number: 221212-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1932,1933

Country: Germany

Location: Bavaria,Berlin

TC Begins: 09:00:17

TC Ends: 09:08:16

Duration: 00:07:59

Nazi Plan, The R2 of ? - Prosecution Exhibit 1232 (Part 1) Title: Herbst 1932. Hitler speaks (MOS) before a large crowd. Headlines shown intercut w/ newspaper presses; Hitler into open car & leaves as crowd salutes. 09:01:05 Rosenberg continues story sitting at desk (SoF) & voice over. Hitler, Hess & others out of building into car. Newspaper headlines. Night march & Von Hindenburg appear at window in spotlight. Hitler at window; torchlight parade. 09:01:52 Title: 1933 Hitler’s first speech as Chancellor 30Jan33. Pan of applauding Nazis in hall, MCU of him speaking (SOF) w/ storm troopers in front. Flags carried out past saluting while crowd sings Horst Wessel song. CU Hitler on watching. 09:03:33 Title: Goering, named Prussian Minister of Interior by Hitler, outlines his programme Feb33. Goering seated at his desk reads statement in MS (SOF). 09:04:20 Si. Title: Election Day in Bavaria 05Mar33. Newspaper headlines re Hitler & new Reich. Torchlight parade. Guards in the street, w/ machine gun - Nazi brownshirts standing about. In park along footpath. Headlines. People on sidewalk watch group of marching Nazis w/ rolled flag or banner. Officers & others standing smoking, joking. Outside Nazi headquarters. Iron grill on door as swastika. 09:05:51 Sd. Title: Election Day in Berlin 05Mar33 Von Hindenburg from behind election booth curtain; other officials (?) voting. Man turns & makes statement to camera. Newspaper headlines & graphics. Hands shaking in front of swastika. 09:07:26 Sd. Title: Meeting of Reichstag at which Hitler and his Cabinet Receive Plenary Powers of Legislation 24Mar33. Hitler in front of large swastika banner addressing assembly (long shot). Pan over delegates from upper balcony. Title: The End of Part One. Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence;

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