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Nazi Plan, The R4 of ? - Prosecution Exhibit 1232 (Part 2)

Reel Number: 221212-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1933,1934

Country: Germany


TC Begins: 09:08:42

TC Ends: 09:15:37

Duration: 00:06:55

Nazi Plan, The R4 of ? - Prosecution Exhibit 1232 (Part 2) Sd. Title: Swastika becomes National Symbol 09Jul33. Hitler arrives at large outdoor gathering. CU & MCU Hitler speaking - ranting (some out of sync). Pan over field of troops. Flags and cheers as Hitler says Sieg & crowd salutes & says Heil. 09:10:02 Sd. Title: 5th Party Congress Sep33 Pan over massed Nazi troops w/ flags. Hitler leading other officers walks past crowd who are carrying banners - Hitler speaks. Cheers. Troops on field in pattern. 09:11:12 Sd. Title: Inauguration at Frankfurt am Main of New Section of The Super Highway Network 23Sept33. Men parade w/ shovels over their shoulders & singing German anthem Deutschland Deutschland. Hitler given a shovel, makes speech at large microphone while gesturing w/ fist, marching thru crowd. 09:12:54 Title: 1934. Over Radio Net-work Hess Administers Oath of Allegiance To More Than One Million Leaders of the NSDAP and all Affiliated Organisations 25Feb34. Tilt down front of ornate Greek-style building to Hess. LS of large crowd. MCU of Hess (slightly out of sync). Crowd of troops on podium & in front repeats words of oath after him amid banners & flaming torch lamps. Sieg Heils. 09:14:35 Title: Hess Reaffirms Hitler’s Faith in SA After Roehm Purge Jul34. Flags on posts flying in breeze. MCU of Hess (slightly out of sync) reading from paper in front of brick wall & bushes. No microphone seen. Post WWII War Crimes Trial Evidence; Nazi Spectacle;

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