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WWII - 1945 ca, USA Documentary - The Nazi Plan R02 of 22

Reel Number: 220897-18

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1932,1933,1930s

Country: Germany


TC Begins: 18:27:30

TC Ends: 18:35:35

Duration: 00:08:05

Herbst 1932 Hitler speaking before a large crowd. Headlines are shown and Rosenberg continues the story - Hitler and Von Hindenburg appear at window 18:29:09 Hitler’s first speech as Chancellor 30Jan33 MCU of him speaking, a procession of members singing the Horst Wessel song. CU Hitler 18:30:46 Goering, named Prussian Minister of Interior by Hitler, outlines his programme ...it is my duty to make Prussia the strongest part of the German nation again...” Feb33 He is seated at his desk speaking 18:31:33 Election Day in Bavaria 5Mar33 - newspaper headlines - torchlight parade, SA stormtroops - ext. SA homes - SA in the street with a machine gun - Nazi officers standing about house of labour union with SA troops in front, SS 18:33:04 Election Day in Berlin 5Mar33 - Von Hindenburg coming out of election booth, other voting Newspaper headlines 18:34:40 Meeting of Reichstag at which Hitler and his Cabinet receive Plenary Powers of Legislation 24Mar33 - Hitler addresses assembly (long shot)

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