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WWII - 1945 ca, USA Documentary - The Nazi Plan R22 of 22

Reel Number: 250061-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s,1944

Country: Germany

Location: Berlin,Wolf’s Lair

TC Begins: 00:19:04

TC Ends: 00:28:40

Duration: 00:09:36

WWII - 1944, Germany: Hitler 55th Birthday; Hitler Bomb Plot Trial; Major Rehmer Decorated Title: 1944 - 55th Birthday of Hitler 20Apr44 00:19:13 Flag raising, Brandenberg Gate & tilt down to parade “Unter den Linden”; debris decorated with small Nazi flags and signs “Unsere Mauern brechen - unsere Herzen nicht” (Our walls are breaking but not our hearts). Flags placed on destroyed buildings. 00:19:51 Men to newsstand / kiosk; MS woman & man reading newspaper. Pan apartments & men & woman putting out swastika flags. 00:20:03 Hitler motorcade arrives on autobahn; Goering greets & walks w/ Hitler to waiting officers saluting; Keitel, Doenitz, Kreissler, Himmler & injured soldier in MCU. Shakes hands w/ soldiers, laughs, CU smile on Hitler’s face. Goering, Keitel, Zeitzler, Guderian, Doenitz, Kreissler, Himmler et al congratulating. 00:20:51 Title: Conference after Hitler’s escape from bombing plot 20Jul44 Hitler greets Mussolini at railroad train station - shakes hand w/ left hand. Himmler, Hitler & Mussolini, Graciani. Hitler stooped; saying goodbye to Mussolini at station. 00:21:59 Hitler w/ Funk, Speer, Sauckel, Dr. Sauer, Lammers, Himmler, Goebbels, Guderian, Jodl, Bormann. 00:22:50 Title: People Court Trial concerning Plots of 20th July. Judge Freislar Presiding (SOF), defendant Fritz Thiele in dark suit, receding hair, stands at table as judge yells at him in rage, MCUs 00:25:15 Defendant, Count Schwerin von Schwanenfeld, thin, glasses & receding hair listens as judge questions, SOF & replies. Judge rages. MCU other defendants watching. 00:27:17 Title: Major Rehmer Decorated for Role in Suppression of 20th July Plot, Hails Unity of NSDAP & Wehrmacht. July 1944. Rehmer Reviews troops & addresses his soldiers (SOF): “... our political mission is to defend our German fatherland and the National Socialist idea... and we will carry out this mission to total victory...” Troops march in review. 00:28:36 Title: The End. WW2 History; War Crimes Trial Evidence; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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