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England - Plane Construction - air raid defense - bomb damage

Reel Number: 220857-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940

Country: England,United Kingdom

Location: London

TC Begins: 02:19:22

TC Ends: 02:25:10

Duration: 00:05:48

England - Plane Construction - air raid defense - bomb damage Women working on lathe machines in airplane parts factory. Men building planes in hangar. Painting, testing landing gear. Rolling plane out of hangar (soft). 02:20:06 Personalities inspect finished planes, walk past line of planes. In factory w/ workers looking at machining; motors. 02:20:32 Small fighter plane (Spitfire?) w/ camouflage paint on ground & in flight. 02:20:40 Antiaircraft gun in city street next to factory building. King George VI & others inspecting gun. King George inspecting machines in factory. Men working at machines; brazing; testing plane parts. Planes overhead in formation. 02:21:36 Flash title: RAF Shadow Factories Show Great Activity. Aircraft factory interior, men working on machines & building planes. Lookout in sandbagged dugout (brief). British officers look thru spotter scopes. Antiaircraft gun w/ crew pivoting & loaded with shell. Lookouts on hillside. 02:23:06 Soldiers run in bricked trenches. Antiaircraft gun in shelter. Captured German pilot w/ insignia on pocket & plane. Barrage balloon LTA out of storage & launched into air. Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, Chamberlain & others watch. Insignia on jacket. Pilot ready for takeoff. 02:24:02 Blitz - Buildings on fire & firemen fighting blazes (day and night scenes mixed). Kids sweeping glass; clearing debris. Woman w/ baby. Instruction poster on wall re what to do in an air raid. King George VI & Queen Elizabeth talk to people in bomb damaged area. King & Churchill inspecting shelter. 02:24:46 Couple look out of backyard shelter w/ bricks all around, give thumbs up sign. Churchill watching firemen directing hose & others removing debris. LS ruined street; crushed car under debris. Battle of Britain; Royalty; Survival;

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