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WWII - 1940 ca, England: Churchill Reviewing Various Units; British Troops Training Amidst London Damage

Reel Number: 221661-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s,1941

Country: Canada,England,United Kingdom


TC Begins: 07:08:50

TC Ends: 07:21:44

Duration: 00:12:54

WWII - 1940 ca, England Homefront: Churchill Reviewing Various Units; British Troops Training Amidst London Damage Winston Churchill & wife, Clementine, walking along street w/ military. Reviewing troops, shaking hands. On reviewing stand on dock as troops march past. At microphones as others applaud. Speaks (MOS). 07:10:00 Large number of Home Guard / air wardens (?) standing at rest listening; pan across to women’s unit(s) & nurses in unit. 07:10:32 Men w/ SP on helmets applauding. Men raise helmets three times in cheer. 07:11:19 Churchill on carpeted steps, motorcycle unit leading marching troops passing. Women’s unit marches past. CU Churchill watching, puts hat on. 07:12:30 Women’s unit marching; nurses march, some w/ capes over arms. Home Guard women marching. 07:13:51 Queen’s Messengers Squad truck w/ sign on side Food Flying Squad - U.S.A. to Britain ministry of Food passing. 07:14:00 Churchill doffing hat, LS & CU watching. 07:14:27 LS & MCU Seated civilians applauding, some women in uniforms. 07:14:45 London, England. Soldiers standing at rest w/ rifles in rain ion front of ruins of building. Military officers walking past damage. Narrow street w/ rubble, small tank & heavily smoking ??? (may be drill). Men in tracked vehicle try to cross large steel blocks; stand by vehicle w/ officer talking, rubble behind. MCU. 07:16:23 Soldiers w/ rifles dug into pile of paving stones & rubble; climb over w/ grenades ??. Small tracked personnel carrier vehicle down narrow street. Men building blockade in street. Troops in rubble w/ rifles. 07:17:17 Soldiers by front of destroyed building pointing rifles, smoke behind. Pretending to fire while kneeling behind stacks of brick in bombed site. 07:17:31 Troops across rubble thru heavy smoke. Running down street along side tracked vehicle which climbs over barricade. Posing in street w/ bombed ruins behind; some walls standing. CBC Red Cross truck parked, soldiers around, standing & smoking. 07:18:36 Remaining tall buildings standing w/ people on roof, destroyed buildings around. 07:18:42 Men in rubble stacking bricks; partially camouflaged man w/ rifle ready. Men running forward, pretending to throw grenades. Soldier runs into ruins of Midland Bank building. Soldiers at window of upper story. Men in tracked vehicle throw smoke grenade while passing Ballito Hosiery (?). Firing guns & posing in vehicle. 07:20:06 Men work to clear blocked street. 07:20:29 Man under poncho talking on field telephone beside brick wall. Man chalk marks X on back of soldier. Troops walk down street; throw ??. Climb over rubble & move thru wrecked buildings. In block of rubble w/ smoke grenade. Run up street thru smoke w/ vehicle over barricade, past camera. VERY GOOD. WW2 Training; Blitz Bomb Damage; 1940s; 1941; Canada;

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