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WWII - 1945, Defense of Antwerp Against The V-1 (1947)

Reel Number: 250028-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1947,1945

Country: Belgium

Location: Antwerp

TC Begins: 06:45:07

TC Ends: 06:50:49

Duration: 00:05:42

Antwerp After V1 Attack, 1945 Pan port warehouse wreckage; rescuers working in building debris in central Antwerp. Litter carrying out victims; MCUs of women & children injured & dead removed from rubble. Destroyed buildings. 06:46:05 Operation Antwerp X w/ men around gridded plotting table coordinating anti-aircraft gunners against V1 (Vergeltungswaffe Eine) bombs / rockets. Men around raised area above plotting table w/ General Clare Armstrong, MCU. Animated map w/ Antwerp’s location & anti-aircraft guns firing. 06:47:16 Gun crews moving artillery gun on trailer behind trucks & tracked vehicles. 06:47:53 Setting up in new location. Plane / bomb over, CU pushing siren button, firing artillery; flak in sky, plane /bomb hit. V1 in flight. Observer on radio telephone spotting & reporting buzz bomb. Crew to gun & siting, radar antennas, firing, flak & finally hitting & exploding. 06:50:20 Men carry & stack ammunition. Night & antennas. (end of reel. WW2; WWII Defenses; Belgium City Defense; NOTE: attack lasted 5 months w/ 4,883 V1s launched; only 211 got thru. 2,394 would have hit Antwerp.

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