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WWII - Color, Germany: Rhine Buildings & Destruction; Smoke Machine; POWs; Nazi Jets; Antwerp V1; Radar Dish Turning; Strafing, 25-31Mar45

Reel Number: 250064-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Belgium,Germany

Location: Antwerp

TC Begins: 06:12:22

TC Ends: 06:29:45

Duration: 00:17:23

WWII - Germany, Rhine Buildings & Destruction; Smoke Machine; POWs; Nazi Jets; Antwerp V1; Radar Dish Turning; Strafing, 25-31Mar45 Slate: Camera McCord. 28Mar45. LS castle on opposite rock above Rhine; pan across wrecked equipment in foreground. Soldiers walking through burned out equipment. 06:13:12 GI chewing gum while pointing rifle w/ bayonet at prisoner facing wall. MCU face of prisoner. 06:13:35 View of GI w/ rifle behind POW. 06:13:46 Heavy white smoke rising at ground floor of tall ornate apartment building . Gis on sidewalk at base. MS smoke machine generating smoke as others watch. 06:14:17 GI beside 55 gallon drum w/ hose running to smoke generator. 06:15:10 Slate. Same. White smoke filling screen swirling upwards. Looking upwards at building & smoke; smoke drifting over rubble. View across road, US military vehicles thru smoke. Bulldozer pushing debris out of street. 06:18:53 View across Rhine to destroyed buildings, standing Cathedral tower. Collapsed steel arch span of railroad bridge. MS of bridge section. 06:19:50 Two standing chimneys & destroyed buildings. Destroyed bridge section. Collapsed airplane factory w/ steel girders remaining, part of motor. 06:20:25 Twin engine Nazi plane w/ man in top hat beside. GI photographer on plane taking pictures. 06:20:45 Large number of POWs marching along street seen across rubble; MCU of very young soldiers / boys. 06:22:13 Tail of large group of POWs leaving city. 06:22:26 Slate: Same 29Mar45. German propellor & fighter jet airplanes w/ camouflage in woods, inspected by GIs. 06:23:34 Slate: Same. 31Mar45. GIs looking at fighter jets beneath branches as camouflage. CU jet intake & exhaust. Swastika on tail. LS GIs looking in cockpit. 06:26:22 Slate: Luzena - Antwerp 25Mar45. V1 buzz bomb flying thru flak. Artillery firing. 06:26:49 Rotating radar dish above sand bagged position. CUs. 06:27:53 MCU GIs at range finder or ?? CU GI w/ eye to eye-piece. 06:28:43 Aerial of dive bomber strafing highway traffic on autobahn. Strafing railroad tracks & railyard. GOOD. WW2; Color; Germany; Belgium; NOTE: Any continuous 9 minutes sold at per reel rate.

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