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WWII - Color, 1945: George Stevens Material: Duben - Dachau - Brenner Pt. 3 of 3

Reel Number: 220841-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany,USA

Location: Dora,Elbe River,Harz Mountain,Nordhausen

TC Begins: 14:42:52

TC Ends: 14:54:43

Duration: 00:11:51

NOTE: FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk WWII - Color, 1945: Duben - Dachau - Brenner Pt 3 of 3 Five civilians with baby and dog indoors. Group of civilians push cart with belongings. Camouflaged, unidentified objects - probably sold fuel / propellant for V1 or V2 rockets. George Stevens & other Americans talking w/ German civilian?; women seated nearby sewing, eating and drinking. 14:44:14 Three-wheel car through wrecked city street. Two young girls on bombed out road. German refugees with belongings on road. Group of refugees sitting on roadside, many women and small children. 14:45:56 Airfield - British and American troops on airfield, waiting to board planes. Possibly Australian unit and African & North African troops (colonial troops). Large number of troops embarking onto plane. Rows of DC-3s and boarding troops, some in burgundy berets. Troops (not American) waiting for planes sitting in grass beside runway. Squadron of planes fly overhead. Railroad yard with steam and smoke and flames in b - fire. 14:49:39 German soldiers in black uniforms walk past GIs in street; GI gives instructions to German who carry hoses and firefighting equipment. 14:50:31 German troops in Feldgrau uniform march through town. Sign ‘Berlin 168 kms”. Americans on way to Torgau?- American cameraman talking to people in jeep by river - pan to pontoon bridge with a few military vehicles crossing. Group of GIs near river, seeming to have a break. Sign ‘Truman bridge - gateway to Berlin over the Elbe courtesy 83rd Thunderbolt Division Constructed... and American soldiers and jeeps crossing Truman bridge. GIs in rowboat. Single engine reconnaissance planes fly overhead WW2; Captured Military Equipment; NOTE: Use of this footage requires a credit as follows: “Includes footage from the George Stevens Collection at the Library of Congress” NOTE: This card sold at per reel rate. FOR ORDERING See: www.footagefarm.co.uk or contact us at: Info@Footagefarm.co.uk

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