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WWII - Color, 1945, Aviation: B26s on Field, Missions; Damaged Antwerp, Duren, Cologne, Mar-Apr45

Reel Number: 250008-15

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Belgium,England,France,Germany,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Antwerp,Chatteau Pierrefonds,Cologne,Duren,France,Picardy

TC Begins: 15:43:40

TC Ends: 16:02:30

Duration: 00:18:50

WWII - Color, 1945, Aviation: B26s on Field, Missions; Damaged Antwerp, Duren, Cologne, Mar-Apr45 Slate: 03Apr45. B-26 on field w/ crew working on it, fuel truck pulls up. Ext. Orderly Room Sqd. B, dog on stoop. MS crew working on plane engine. Sign on plywood outside ??: Hurrah 300th Mission Today. Airmen leaving from behind sign. 15:44:25 Plane overhead, B-26s parked; taxiing. Various shots of planes moving about on field. 15:45:21 Aerial, B-26 mission, planes in flight seen from cockpit window past pilot & co-pilot. GOOD. 15:47:04 Aerial down on B26 over German city. 15:47:24 View down past nose wheel over farmland & canal, bomb craters, landing on tarmac. 15:47:46 MCU Airman holds ?? & points to flak shattered plexiglass machine gun turret. 15:47:52 Sunset & silhouetted B26 w/ motors starting. 15:48:07 Slate: 03Apr45 A-83. MS Aerial of formation of B26 from cockpit window. Plane in front dropping bombs. 15:49:04 Slate: X10 Cameraman McCord 21Mar45 Het Steen medieval castle, Antwerp, Belgium (Chatteau Pierrefonds near Compiegne, France per NARA card) w/ turrets; entrance & grounds of castle. Various shots & distances. 15:50:26 Formations of planes overhead & past ornate buildings. Good. 15:51:47 Slate: X11 - McCord, 23Mar45. Antwerp, Belgium. Sherman tank wreck in front of wreckage of large building w/ pedestrians, wagons, vehicles past. Int of theater wreckage, people standing & looking. Men working on high steel beams. Ext. of city block of buildings w/ gutted theater in middle, pedestrians past, Allied soldiers & sailors, trollies passing. German Baroque spire / tower above railroad station? Pan to other bomb &/or V-1 damage. 15:54:27 Slate: X12 - McCord 23Mar45. MLS Policeman, boys, bicycles, chairs & salvaged materials in front of bombed out building; men salvaging wood, woman sitting watching & petting dog on lap. Others standing & watching. 15:55:27 LS of Antwerp empty main street, w/ some people; tall skyscraper (tallest building in Europe) at end & red MIPRIX sign four-story building w/ solid overhead / awning. Trolly, carts, trucks, cars past. 15:56:11 LS of side & roof of Cathedral of Our Lady w/ bulb -like tower. Trollies past. Interesting architecture. LS from another direction past stone balustrade on bridge. 15:57:07 Slate: X13 - McCord 24Mar45. View thru stone balustrade to cathedral tower. View towards tower down another street. From street of bombed houses. 15:58:00 Sunset over Antwerp rooftops. 15:58:17 Duren, Germany. View across rubble of leveled houses / apartment buildings w/ little left standing; pans across leveled city. 15:59:48 Slate: X14 - McCord 24Mar45. Wreckage of Cologne, Germany w/ city bus in front of shells of brick buildings; remains of leveled stone buildings. LS gutted apartment houses, pan across remains of church & mostly collapsed buildings. WW2 Bombing Aftermath; City Destruction; War Damage; NOTE: Please send corrections or more information on buildings to: info@footagefarm.co.uk NOTE: Any continuous ten minutes sold at per reel rate, or entire at price for two reels.

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