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WWII - Color, 1945, Germany: Russian DP Camp; Paris, France, V-E Day Celebrations. Feb-May45

Reel Number: 220865-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: France,Germany,USA

Location: Deilitzsch,Elbe River,Paris,wiesbaden

TC Begins: 09:00:07

TC Ends: 09:17:13

Duration: 00:17:06

WWII - Color, 1945, Germany: Russian DP Camp; Paris, France, V-E Day Celebrations. Feb-May45 Wiesbdaden DP Camp w/ various shots Russian displaced persons - men & women marching w/ red flags, banners and portrait of Stalin. 09:01:24 Slate: Capt. Carter 474th Group 24Feb45. Parade, Russian soldiers & women w/ banners. People applaud speaker 09:02:43 Slate 19Apr45 People applauding at outdoor meeting. Girls march w/ Russian flag. 09:03:54 Slate 24Feb45. Street scenes, bomb damaged buildings, pedestrians, people on bicycles. Bus past. Two US soldiers walking down street. RV British officers past. Locals moving furniture. Bomb damaged buildings. American military service women . 09:05:14 Aerial over refugees on highway. 09:05:56 AVs railway track, destroyed in places, mass of German prisoners of war. 09:06:39 VE Day Paris - crowds w/ flags, singing La Marseillaise. Young people w/ Allied flags carry R.F. shields. Locals waving from pavements. Horsedrawn carriage. Allied flags carried in parade. 09:07:59 GSAP / Gun camera footage strafing countryside - not very good 09:08:34 VE Day Paris, French sailors on guard duty at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? 09:09:48 Crowds in street, plane flies up Champs Elysees, Allied flags erected under Arc de Triomphe. French servicemen and women, crowds jostling, held back by gendarmes. 09:10:54 General de Gaulle, men with wreaths. 09:11:09 Various shots celebrations, parade. Rear view, shaky shots following de Gaulle in open top car. Exterior Ministry of War. Shots various monuments. Champs Elysees, sailor perched on top of lamp-post. Young man blows kiss to camera. Wreaths, eternal flame. 09:13:56 Huge pall of black smoke from burning? in countryside. 09:14:37 French family w/ rescued belongings from burning farm house. Trying to move sheep and farm machinery. Roof on fire. Crying woman. Pumping water. Flames. 09:16:00 American MP on guard, sign “ Nothing in Hell can stop the Timberwolf Division” 09:16:17 Jeep w/ large Russian and American flags. Ceremony w/ Russian & US officers at Delitzsch, Germany on Elbe River, American Officer Major General Terry Allen, CG, US 104th Infantry Division pinning decoration on Russian General Zhukov (?) 28Apr45. WW2; POWs; NOTE: Any continuous ten minutes sold at per reel rate.

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