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WWII - Color, 1945, London: V-E Day Royalty, London, Piccadilly, Westminster-Part 2

Reel Number: 200509-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: England,United Kingdom


TC Begins: 10:09:11

TC Ends: 10:18:39

Duration: 00:09:28

WWII - Color, 1945, London: V-E Day Royalty, London, Piccadilly, Westminster Part 2 Winston Churchill & King George pose for cameras on steps. High angle / HA of crowds in Mall filmed from inside Buckingham Palace gates. (USE BETTER QUALITY 220865 09:25:07 - 09:26:37; also 220855 ) 10:10:36 Air to air bombers flying in formation at sunset. 10:10:45 VS parade on 8th Army Air Force Field, England; US troops w/ Stars & Stripes. (USE BETTER 220855 19;18:15 - 19:19:30) 10:12:00 Flash slate: 3rd CCU. Red London bus outside depot. Groups of civilians & Wrens waiting for VE Day celebrations, London. (USE BETTER QUALITY 220855 19:13:28 - 19:14;04) 10;12:33 Flash slate: Strip Y-73 Group 362 Sqd 377 17Apr Pilot Turner. GSAP color. 10:12:42 Flash slate: #186 3CCU R1. Crowds waving flags in Piccadilly Circus - soldier at base & on protective boards. Advertising banner lowered down front of building: Bourjois - Creators of Fine Perfumes & Toilet Soaps. Crowds around statue outside Buckingham Palace; small kids w/ flags & hats. Boy on shoulders w/ UK flag. (USE BETTER QUALITY 220855 19:11:16 - 19:12:36) 10:14:02 SLATE 17APR PILOT KINSLEY Strip Y-73 GROUP 362 SQD 377 GSAP footage. 10:14:14 LS Westminster Abbey, 09May45 - people out, bus past. CU Big Ben clockface 3pm; LS Houses of Parliament. London Crowds, 08May? Big Ben, pan shot down from United Nations flags to civilians, British and American Servicemen in Piccadilly Circus; dancers in streets, students parade w/ wooden statue, conga line; crowds in Trafalgar Square. (USE BETTER QUALITY 220982-04 17:28:32 - 17:31:52) 10:17:38 Crowds outside Buckingham Palace; Royal Family out onto balcony, crowds waving. (USE BETTER QUALITY 220982-04 17:31:52 - 17:33:02 ) WW2;

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