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Cold War - Historical Documentary: The Big Picture - Changed Face Of Europe, The R1 of 3.

Reel Number: 300340-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s,1950s

Country: Czechia,Czechoslovakia,Germany,Greece,Netherlands,Poland,Russia,Turkey,USSR

Location: Athens,Istanbul,Moscow,Potsdam,Prague,Rhine River,The Hague

TC Begins: 01:00:10

TC Ends: 01:10:16

Duration: 00:10:06

Cold War Documentary, 1950s - USA: NATO history, 1945 - 1948ca Title & credits. 01:00:31 Allied army trucks & jeeps thru destroyed city, thru countryside; officers & men listen to field radio. 01:00:46 USSR & Allies meet on Elbe riverbank w/ handshake & toasts. 01:01:07 Montage: Rhine River & barge boats; river shots, European castles. WW2 dragon teeth tank barriers, railroad wreckage; aerial over factory destruction; salvage workers; refugees; women shovel sand; kids play on anti-aircraft gun; CU medals sold on Black Market; people argue. 01:02:54 High Angle / HA Diplomats shake hands at Potsdam Conference, sit down at round table. 01:03:09 Montage: animated map of spread of Communism over 1939 East Europe. Stalin. Destroyed Polish city & election / voting. Army reviewed. Women bucket brigade cleaning rubble, scrape bricks. 01:04:10 London pedestrians & shoppers; newstand; Hyde Corner speakers & listeners arguing. Europeans at work, shopping at open market. Customs & immigration at border control. 01:05:18 Int. of government meeting. Churchill speaking 07May48, The Hague. SOF: “Its not a movement of parties, its a movement of people. It must be all for all. Europe can only be united by the heartfelt wish... 01:05:58 HA & ground shot of cleared destruction; standing ruins. 01:06:19 HA interior of United Nations; Communist & west delegates posing & sitting in Security Council. Vyshinsky speaking, SOF. 01:06:45 Harbor w/ wreckage; dock workers parade, strike, fighting. Czechoslovakia, Benes & others. Communist rally. Benes & wife walk in garden after retiring. Czech parliament meeting supporting Communist leader Klement Gottwald. Jan Masaryk lying in state, passing mourners. 01:08:31 HA Soviet military parade in Moscow’s Red Square. 01:08:42 Bosporus, Istanbul; leades w/ President Ismet Inonu. Athens, Greece & military uprising & street fighting, starving refugees. Poverty, subsistence farming; hunger, hungry children, starvation North Atlantic Military Alliance Basis; Post-WW2; US Anti-Communist Propaganda; North Atlantic Treaty Organization Founding; Anti-Communism;

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