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Road To The Wall, The Pt. 2 of R1

Reel Number: 300366-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962,1960s

Country: Germany,Russia

Location: Berlin,Moscow,Petersburg,St

TC Begins: 01:00:10

TC Ends: 01:06:34

Duration: 00:06:24

Pt. 2 of 2 Political prisoners freed. Faces, speeches, marching, gesturing. Lenin arrives. Trotsky speaks; Kerensky head of provisional government on balcony. Newspapers printed & sold. 01:01:04 Montage: women in uniforms parade. Protest. Lenin speaks (MOS). Workers & soldiers plow field w/ shovels. Lenin speaks. 01:01:38 Monument toppled. Crowds run, storm winter palace (staged?). 01:01:48 Leaflets passed out, Lenin, restless people in street. Red Army marching; old woman makes speech. People in streets, protest election dismissal, still of Lenin superimposed. 01:03:05 Russian Civil War, fight in snow. Troops on horses. Still: Tzar’s family, hammer & sickle overlay. Soldiers arresting; firing squad shoot three men into grave. Lenin w/ cat. Troops in streets. Map of world, Kronstadt 1921 superimposed. Troops in streets. 01:04:20 People w/ corpses. Trotsky in uniform on steps. still of corpse w/ hammer & sickle superimposed. Lenin & Trotsky intercut. Stalin, People’s Commissar of Workers & Peasants Inspection Group, walking w/ others. Stalin w/ Zinoviev & Kamenev. CU Stalin. Cold War Propaganda; History of USSR; Revolution; Communism; Communists; Socialism; Starvation; NOTE: Crowd footage not correct as to dates.

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