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1930s - Palestine / Israel: Misc. Shots Industrial & Agricultural Workers

Reel Number: 221551-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1930s

Country: Israel,Palestine

Location: Jerusalem

TC Begins: 20:49:03

TC Ends: 20:56:25

Duration: 00:07:22

1930s - Palestine / Israel: Misc. Shots Industrial & Agricultural Workers Four men driving or pulling drilling point w/ large timber. CU faces. Tractor w/ belt drive operator oil or water pump. Men climbing metal powerline tower & attaching wires. CU Sign: High tension, Danger To Life. Attaching lines from tower. 20:49:53 Man w/ jack-hammer; rock quarry, men working, moving large stones on cart. Camel caravan past electric lines. Man drinking water from jug. Men & women w/ pic axes & sledge hammers breaking stones. Quarry shots. 20:50:48 Man working w/ hoe opening irrigation ditch in citrus grove. Man w/ hand air pump; Men watching, taking notes. People working in textile factory, spinning thread; women sewing in garment factory. 20:51:29 Packaging soap. 20:51:33 Construction: excavating, power line tower. Railroad ore cars; slurry. Filling & stitching large bags. 20:52:04 Int. textile mill, looms; CUs women working. Grinding wheels & slurry. CUs. Pipe & liquids. Man putting blocks of soap (?) into machine. Bars of soap (?) on conveyer? 20:52:50 Construction; excavating, power line tower at mine. Man & woman in library (?) w/ large books taking notes. Chemical laboratory, pouring chemicals. Man at microscope. 20:53:25 Large domed building below ridge, people entering. 20:53:37 Man at large drill in factory; kids w/ chickens. Women grinding ?? CUs in farmyard. sheep, equipment. 20:54:07 Street scene, pedestrians w/ men looking in window of Kechizky hat store. 20:54:10 Women w/ hay feeding cattle. 20:54:11 Window of Pharmacy w/ Hebrew & English, traffic past. 20:54:15 Sheep & barnyard. Kids & chickens. Woman grinding ?. 20:54:37 Oranges (?) on conveyor; men sorting, men & women wrapping & boxing into packing crates. Packing prunes (?). 20:55:04 Sheep. Straw pile, combine. 20:55:23 Women & men working breaking rocks. 20:55:33 Misc. shots of working, library, typing, studying. Jewish men, office workers; irrigation pump & ditch, relating to above. Zionism; 1930s; Refugees; Farming;

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