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1931 - Newsreel Stories: Prison Riot; President Hoover; Skyscraper; Rescue Attempt; Sculptor; College Oddities; Berlin Egg Production; Boat Racing; Musical Rehearsal. Mar31

Reel Number: 300184

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1930s,1931

Country: Canada,Germany,Norway,Puerto Rico,USA

Location: Berlin,Evanston,Florida,Illinois,Joliet,Massachusetts,Miami Beach,New York City,NYC Wellesley,Puerto Rico,Virginia

TC Begins: 01:00:03

TC Ends: 01:08:02

Duration: 00:07:59

1931 - Newsreel Stories: Prison Riot; President Hoover; Skyscraper; Rescue Attempt; Sculptor; College Oddities; Berlin Egg Production; Boat Racing; Musical Rehearsal. Mar31 Intertitle: Troops Called To Quell Felon Revolt In New Prison Riot. 01:00:08 Pan across snowy Joliet, Illinois prison complex - smoke from building; circular buildings behind. 01:00:19 INT large circular room on fire. Penitentiary property damage. 01:00:30 Soldiers in WWI type helmets run down corridor pulling w/ machine gun on wheels. Prison guards w/ rifles in central yard - tilt up several floors & balconies w/ windows broken on third level. 01:00:47 Soldiers in yard w/ machine gun. Other soldiers & officers examine wrecked kitchen - windows smashed. Black inmate / prisoner w/ hands up marched at gunpoint in central yard. 01:01:16 Intertitle: President Hoover And Party Sail For Porto Rico And Virgin Islands. 01:01:22 Presidential party along dock & onto launch, leave dock, arrives & boards ship w/ aides, greeted by officers. LS Battleship w/ dirigible above; biplanes in formation in sky above. Slug. 01:02:16 Tallest Structure In World Officially Opened To Public Tilt up Empire State Building. Construction workers leave upper area. Aerial view around top of building. 01:02:36 Flash opening intertitle. LSs Empire State (over-exposed). 01:02:42 MS Governor & Mrs. Al Smith w/ VIPS pose by entrance w/ boy holding ribbon; MCU Smith tipping hat; kids pull ribbon from across doors. Smith unlocks & people enter. Tilt up front of building. 01:03:05 Official party on viewing platform - Chrysler Building visible - pan across Manhattan skyline. Art Deco Architecture; New York City Skyscrapers Opening; Depression; 01:03:16 Intertitle: Balchen hops to seek “Viking” survivors! Veteran ace takes off on humanitarian flight. 01:03:23 Norwegian pilot Bernt Balchen w/ Randy Enslow & Barney Barbin in plaid shirts talking; board large twin-engine amphibious biplane (Sikorsky?), off from Boston in search of survivors of SS Viking disaster. Aviation; Pioneer Aviators; Maritime Disasters; NOTE: SS Viking, a sealing vessel, exploded off Horse Island, Newfoundland while shooting extra footage for film The Viking. Varick Frissel & 26 crew died. 01:03:49 Intertitle: Youthful geniuses emulate Cellini! Kin of St. Gaudens attract attention of art world... 01:03:56 Two sculptors, relatives of Augustus Saint-Gaudens , w/ matching berets work in metalworking workshop / blacksmiths; wrought iron sculptures including door-knocker & elaborate gate. 01:04:17 One sculptor works on bust of toddler in clay in courtyard, helped by child model. Beaux Arts Artists 01:04:28 Intertitle: “Collegiettes” wreck college building! Girls dismantle historic structure to make way for modern edifice. 01:04:35 Wellesley College, Massachusetts students in fur coats walk across campus w/ books, into dilapidated wooden building. Tear off trellis, smash windows, rip out doors & carry old furniture & wooden fittings out - girls pose w/ old-fashioned telephones before throwing them out of window. 01:05:07 Nighttime scene - LS & MS girls dance in circle around large bonfire. Gags; Riots; Feminism; Women’s Liberation; Depression; Wealth; Society; 01:05:14 Intertitle: Housewives Save 20% As Egg Production Goes On 24-Hour Shift (Berlin, Germany) 01:05:20 Large flock of chickens in open coop; eating from tray w/ eggs collected by conveyor belt. MCU eating; CU eggs dropping onto conveyor; CU sorting& packed on semi-automated production line. 01:05:45 Baby chicks feeding. Newly-hatched chick on egg. Poultry; Depression; European Food Industry; 01:05:55 Intertitle: Gar Wood Sets New Speedboat Record Of 102 Miles An Hour. 01:06:00 CU Gar Wood. Speedboat, U-19 Miss America, races from beneath & away. POV from boat hood facing drivers / Daredevils; Racers. World Water Speed Record Attempt; Records; 01:06:16 LS speedboat across lake, observation plane above, past yachts. High pan as speedboat passes dock, spectators watching. Official w/ timing equipment. CU equipment w/ printout. Pan shot of passing speedboat. High shot speedboat towards & under camera. Slug. 01:06:57 Intertitle: Fast Steppers Are Featured In N.U. Musical Comedy. Evanston, Illinois. 01:07:03 Chorus girls in matching dresses crowd around male choreographer. Male demonstrates dance steps; two of girls practice routine in front of others. Pair of male dancers rehearse routine on stage w/ pianist; entire group dancing in front of stylized set. Director / choreographer stops them to demonstrate steps. MS Chorus line w/ synchronized & high kicks. Musical Theater Rehearsal; Broadway Dancing; Hoofers; Theatre; Northwestern University; College;

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