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1934 - Newsreel Stories: Dollfuss; Von Hindenburg; TVA; Salmon; Fencing; Cavalry; Fashion; Picnic

Reel Number: 300190

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1930s,1934

Country: Austria,Germany,Italy,Poland,USA

Location: Atlanta,Georgia,Muscle Shoals,Neudeck,Oregon,Tennessee,Vienna,Washington

TC Begins: 01:00:06

TC Ends: 01:08:28

Duration: 00:08:22

1934 - Newsreel Stories: Dollfuss; Von Hindenburg; TVA; Salmon; Fencing; Cavalry; Fashion; Picnic Intertitle: Civil Strife Flares Throughout Austria After Dollfuss Dies. Vienna, Austria. 01:00:13 Pedestrians in front of government building past soldiers. Man / doctor seen from inside leaving. Honor Guard of soldiers beside flag draped coffin. MCU Dollffus seen in coffin. 01:00;30 Crowd of military & civilian VIPs standing, intercut w/ more shots of coffin, Doffluss. 01:00:39 Police & soldiers w/ machine gun in front of government building; other machine guns, barbed wire on street corner; troops posted, moving about. Soldiers in & out of manhole while they inspect sewers. Civilians holding hands blocking street as army truck approaches. Assassination Aftermath; State Funeral; Politics; 1930s Political Upheaval; 1934 Europe; 01:01:10 Intertitle: Paul Von Hindenburg President Of Reich Dies In Coma At Home. Germany. 01:01:18 Hindenburg seated in open car w/ military & civilians; walking in procession; reviewing troops. People cheer; Hindenburg w/ medals receiving flowers from girl, w/ German officers reviewing troops. 01:02:10 High angle & ground shots of excavation of large rocks by steam shovels & trucks, TVA Muscle Shoals dam construction Men on scaffolding in background. Truck leaving reservoir. Steam drills, dynamite into holes & plunger; explosion. GOOD. Slug 1930s Depression-era Government Electrification Program; Tennessee Valley; New Deal; Excavation. 01:02:54 Divorce of Eleanor Wilson McAdoo, ca July, 1934 Large brick building w/ four columns, men & women hurry out & down granite steps past camera. MS Man w/ briefcase to new shiny sedan, people begin to drive off. Man standing w/ cane in front of building. MCU smiling (not William McAdoo). Slug Marriage Ending; 01:03:25 Horse Teams Pulling in Netted Salmon, ca 1934 Large salmon in nets; men pull in nets by hand; carry & throw salmon into wagons pulled by teams of horses. Labor; Workers; Fishermen; Depression; Pacific Northwest; 1930s; Fishing Industry; 01:04:06 Women’s Fencing Lessons, 1934 Line of women practice lunges; POV thru mask fencing. Lines of fencers. Views of epees, men & women both practicing. Shots thru mask. College Sports. 01:04:41 Pets - Young girl w/ pair of baby jungle cats / leopards or ocelots on leash posing in yard. Pats on head. CUs. Oddities; Stunts; Wild Animals; Pets; Slug. 01:05:10 Italian Cavalry Practice, 1934 Many horses & riders up hill; across wide plain, mountains behind. Ride thru soldiers in grass; leaping trench & barrier, some falling. Slug. Military; Army Cavalry; Italy; Maneuvers; Display; 01:05:47 Winter Fashions Modeled on Ice Cave Stage Set, 1934 Kids on decorated set of ice cave run & pick up small imitation snowballs & throw. Older girl w/ several young ones pose in winter clothes. Woman w/ skis modeling; another w/ ice skates. Several in dresses. Line of models down steps toward camera & turn modeling dresses & hats. Depression; Clothing; 1930s; Society; 01:06:36 Intertitle: Atlanta, GA. - Universal Employees Celebrate New Movie Hits At Gala Picnic. Men & women pose w/ Jimmy Grainger Celebration, July 23 to Sept. 1, banner on lawn of campground . Wave to camera. Two men hold young Black child & gesture to camera. 01:07:06 People around picnic table, drinking from tin cups. Black man working (brief); white woman serves. 01:07:17 Whites, many in swimming suits, pose around swimming pool. Dive from side of pool. 01:07:24 Men diving into pool from diving board. 01:07:59 Women walk along pool in swimming suits for bathing beauty contest. Man follows in apron, pushed into pool, pulled out laughing. Summer Company Picnic; Employees; Businessmen; Recreation; Relaxation; Southern Racial Behavior; Ethnic; 1930s;

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