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1936 - Newsreel, USA: WWI investigation; Giant Man; Storm; Lindberghs; Car Race; Prohibition Raid. Jan36

Reel Number: 221807-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1936,1930s

Country: England,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Alton,DC,Illinois,Pennsylvania,Washington

TC Begins: 04:29:36

TC Ends: 04:35:34

Duration: 00:05:58

1936 - Newsreel, USA: WWI investigation; Giant Man; Storm; Lindberghs; Car Race; Prohibition Raid. Jan36 Intertitle. 07Jan36 MLS J.P. Morgan & lawyers walking to Senate building to testify before Special Committee Investigating the Munitions Industry, Justice Department lawyers arriving carrying large briefcases, etc. 04:30:00 Interior, Morgan & lawyers looking at papers w/ men standing behind around tables in hearing room. MCU reporters & still photographers. Flash photography. MCU Morgan standing w/ ??. 04:30:27 Three men w/ briefcases leaving; others leaving. Morgan & lawyer (?) leaving w/ Capitol police. NOTE: 07-08Jan36 was investigating WWI financing & US industrial expansion 1914-1915, J.P. Morgan & Company. 09-10Jan36 investigating same, 1915. Morgan investigation continued 13-16Jan & 04-05Feb36. 04:30:48 Slug. 04:30:51 CU bottom of shoes on desk & giant Robert Wadlow’s face; three women, one w/ yardstick measuring his feet. CU woman’s foot in high-heels next to Wadlow’s shoe. CU women’s feet & man’s. Four women standing beneath man & outstretched arms. Tilt down & all walking out of tall room, Wadlow stoops to get thru doorway. NOTE: Wadlow (22Feb18 - 15Jul40) was 8’4” in 1936; grew to 8’ 11” due to hyperplasia of pituitary & was growing at time of death. He toured w/ Ringling Brothers in 1936. 04:31:28 Slug. 04:31:31 Large waves breaking on rocks. Beached fishing boats on gravel. High Angle / HA flooded coastal farm houses. CU people getting belongings out of window; boys & dog w/ chairs on raft paddling. Debris in flooding river; people watching from broken / breached dike. Logs in surf & beached on coast w/ waves in background. 04:32:27 Intertitle. Tug w/ lines on American Importer freighter as Lindberghs arriving in England. CU passing w/ US flag & smoke from stack. Bobby policeman, press & others on dock in fog; two policemen on shipboard. MCU Charles Lindbergh carrying son Jon & wife leaving ship; in taxi leaving docks thru crowd. 04:33:33 Intertitle. Open wheel racing cars on banked wet dirt race track; several spin out. Crossing finish line. 04:34:32 Intertitle. LS Treasury agents outside Pennsylvania barn; MS men smashing large wooden barrel, CU liquid flowing out. Carrying cans, smashing drums & cans w/ picks & sledge hammers in field. 04:35:20 The end Government Oversight Investigation; WW1; Capitalism; Economics; International Banker; Banking; Height; Gigantism; Giantism; Giant; Size; Largest; Winter Storm; Celebrities; Celebrity; Fame; Aviator; Sports; Dirt Track Automobile Racing; Prohibition Enforcement; Stills; Alcohol; Depression; 1930s; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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