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1939 - USA: Motion Pictures, Hollywood Studio Heads & Actors

Reel Number: 221262-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1939,1930s

Country: USA

Location: California,Hollywood

TC Begins: 09:25:25

TC Ends: 09:37:38

Duration: 00:12:13

1939 - USA: Motion Pictures, Hollywood Studio Heads & Actors ors Hal Roach & D.W. Griffith talking (MOS) & laughing w/ script; chorus girls legs behind. LS & MCU. CUs. 09:26:26 Ext. J. Stuart Blackton at editing table looking at film w/ magnifying glass. CU of film. 09:27:44 Shows zoetrope to kids, spins it. 09:28:41 Samuel Goldwyn & James Roosevelt (Vice President of Goldwyn Productions) standing by military set w/ US flag & soldiers marching. 09:29:13 Interior w/ Cecil B. De Mille riding camera crane & gesturing. 09:30:11 De Mille & his secretary Gladys Rossen out of studio barn. Gate of De Mille Productions studio closed by security guard. De Mille w/ old Pathe camera & cranking. 09:31:54 Carl Laemmle out of Universal Studios office, walks to chair on lawn & sits reading newspaper. MCU. 09:32:48 Col. Seely w/ dogs sitting under palm tree. 09:33:48 Lee DeForest at bench manufacturing electronic tube using bunsen burner. 09:35:31 Jack Warner at desk with trophies behind; talks on phone (MOS). 09:36:43 Clara Kimball Young sits down at patio table & writes notes. Motion Picture Studios; Movies; Industry; 1930s;

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