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1959 - Color, DFD Disc Flight Development Avrocar 1 Progress Report 02May59 - 12Apr60 Pt. 1 of 2

Reel Number: 250226-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959,1950s

Country: Canada,United Kingdom

Location: Malton,Mississauga,Ontario

TC Begins: 00:43:35

TC Ends: 00:55:11

Duration: 00:11:36

Titles. Pt. 1 of 2 00:43:52 Avrocar No. 1 flying outside factory, Malton, Ontario; LS then flies in for CU. 00:44:24 Static test jig in place showing measuring gages / gauges at three points & wiring to installmentation in control room. 00:44:51 Men moving Aircraft beneath & into jig. 00:45:22 View of engineers / technicians in control room watching thru windows; CU hands moving remote control levers. CU turbo-rotor starting; monitoring gages during static testing. 00:46:14 Technicians working on Aerocar 2. CUs of modified exhaust boxes & duct flow improvements. MCU upper air inlets after modification. 00:47:03 Tufted wires showing airflow of focussed jets on Aerocar. View inside cockpit; pilot & assistants to aircraft mounted in jig. MCU pilot during static testing. 00:48:08 Technician viewing oscillograph traces of data & IBM punch card machine; man feeding cards into IBM 650 computer - lights flashing. CU plotting done by computer from output cards. 00:48:45 Pilot compartment mockup w/ electronic console behind; man sits in & manipulates controls w/ technician at computer behind. 00:49:13 Avrocar 2 coming out of assembly garage; fueled on tarmac. CU cables attached to landing gear; LS of aircraft w/ technicians around, others inside w/ recording instrumentation. LS Avrocar. 00:50:04 View under Avrocar supported by jacks under three sets of wheels. Men checking air flow. Tethered test begins; instruments in control room monitoring temperatures & engineers at consoles; Avrocar vibrating & settling down to concrete. 00:51:06 Technician attaching chains; Avrocar bouncing. Avrocar mounted in test rig / jig; men work on underside. 00:51:45 Avrocar 1 inspected, overhauled after 32 hrs of static testing before wind tunnel testing. Vehicle crated for shipment to California. 00:52:22 Testing of Avrocar 2 in jig to measure pitch & pressure at different amount of power. 00:52:40 Pilot in Avrocar 2 testing while tethered. 12Nov59 first free flight w/ aircraft moving around (dark). Pilot out of aircraft (normal exposure. 00:53:58 LS & vehicle tested after adjustments: circling & moving back and forth close to ground. Continued... Oddities; Testing Experimental Military Aviation; 1959; Dec59; Flying Saucers; Development; Developing; Industrial Documentary; 1950s; NOTE: Any continuous 12 minutes of entire film 00:43:35 - 01:05:54 (2 cards) sold at per reel rate.

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