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1970s - Color, Military Aviation: Sikorsky UTTAS promotional film

Reel Number: 250053-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1970s

Country: USA


TC Begins: 08:54:12

TC Ends: 09:07:45

Duration: 00:13:33

1970s - Color, Military Aviation: Sikorsky UTTAS promotional film Large helicopter; cockpit shot; nose; cu rotors. 08:54:34 Two army helicopters one carrying artillery in sling; the other jeep or ??. From above four carrying military equipment beneath. Various views carrying. 08:55:07 Military w/ two large side windows low over trees, fields, CU landing w/ troops out & run into trees. From above; in cockpit. Crash testing. 08:56:05 Title: The Sikorsky Uttas. Sd. Illustrations of Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System. Dissolve to actual & soldiers out. 08:56:30 Aerial over large Sikorsky Aircraft factory w/ roof sign. Pan US Army UTTAS helicopter sitting on runway; men fold up tail. Illustration; chart highlighting capabilities. Helicopter in field, soldiers to it, get in & take off. Interior shots, medical treatment inside for wounded crew; Medevac w/ stretchers shown. 08:59:02 H34 army helicopter landing. 08:59:30 Drawing of transmission system. Rotors. Exploded views of parts of modular system. 09:00:32 Mechanic greasing transmission by hand & brush & reassembling. Disassembling. Maintaining. Instructing; drawings & working motor / transmission. 09:02:00 Motor w/ rotors mounted on top of whirl stand / tower while testing. 09:02:08 Air to air Marines CH-53 helicopter in flight. Illustration of transmission of conventional & Sikorsky UTTAS. Several helicopters; view from inside, shadow below, view out front window. Parked & in flight Marines chopper. Rotor swept tip against sun, turning. 09:03:51 POV from behind pilot flying above forested canyon, from ground. 09:04:15 Mechanic walks out, looks at rotor. BIM pressurized system described. Tail rotor explained. 09:05:22 Rotor diagrams. 09:05:37 Navy helicopter, others comparing size to UTTAS. S58 or H34 shown in flight. CH53 coming in low; in flight air to air. S67 flying for speed record. 09:06:14 CH53 or S67 performing rolls & diving. Charge showing many models. S61 Presidential Helicopter low over mall to White House. UTTAS testing on flight simulator & in wind tunnel. The End. Sikorsky Promotional Films; Military Industrial Contractor; 1970s; NOTE: UTTAS program ran from 1972-1978.

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