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Amazing “Dynasphere” Invention Startles Transport Industry (1932)

Reel Number: 250039-63

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1932,1930s

Country: England,United Kingdom

Location: Mare,Weston Super

TC Begins: 05:11:12

TC Ends: 05:12:19

Duration: 00:01:07

Amazing “Dynasphere” Invention Startles Transport Industry (1932) 05:11:22 Dr. J.A. Purves holding handlebar controls inside large monowheel electric vehicle; steps inside & sits. LS w/ smaller dynasphere alongside. 05:11:34 Slowly rolls down sandy beach, w/ mechanism seen briefly inside rolling on outer rim. GOOD. 05:11:52 Second wheel past w/ another man & both seen. People watching as man takes passenger for ride. English Inventor; Transportation Demonstrated; 1930s; Oddities; NOTE: Powered by 2.5 hp motor; said to reach 25 mph. NOTE: If requested will provide 05:08:03 - 05:12:19 (4 cards) at per reel rate.

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