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Battle For The Beaches, The

Reel Number: 250050-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: England,France,Germany,Norway,United Kingdom

Location: Lofoten,Loften,Loftin Islands

TC Begins: 02:57:10

TC Ends: 03:17:53

Duration: 00:20:43

Titles. 02:57:51 Montage: Cliffs of Dover, sandbagging, men marching w/ rifles, in overlook w/ machine gun; English village on hillside, men w/ rifles at attention, cliffs, waves, German soldiers march & German lookouts. 02:58:25 Laborers digging on cliff, construction of German fortified positions. Looking across English Channel towards England. Unid. invasion landings w/ explosions, bodies. 02:59:09 “My job as a war correspondent...” (Quentin Reynolds) Journalists w/ 3-star Gen. Mark Clark. Interviewing. Good landing footage, off landing craft, then in. Beach at Dunkirk / Dunkerque. Hitler at viewing scope. Large gun firing to England. Soldiers & civilian volunteers, Navy ships. Fighter planes & bombers bombing. CU tank tread & Germans moving up. British landing in Norway, Operation Claymore. Destroying large buildings, storage. 03:01:34 Japanese landings w/ heavy smoke. Graphics of Japanese expansion. US Navy Building; Navy & Marine officers view maps, plans. Engineers at drafting tables. Blueprints. Workers in factory listening. 03:02:45 Construction of Higgins Boats. Launching LSTs. Soldiers practicing landings, advancing under fire o obstacle course. (GOOD) 03:03:51 US naval ships, firing at night. Loading ships by order of landing. Convoy, night & day. Planes take off from aircraft carrier. Kamikaze plane & aircraft carrier guns; down in flames alongside ship (GOOD). 03:05:41 Planning landing, briefings. SOF. Night, carrier plane launch; assault troops readied & LCPs lowered, men in camouflage into boats. Battleships firing barrage. POV strafing airfield & dog fighting. 03:07:37 View from landing craft, amphibious DUKWs & other craft seen. CUs of men landing, machine gunners, Marines & rifles into jungle. Men off transports & unloading howitzers. Alligators, DUKW, Water Buffalo into jungle. Working on beach w/ bulldozer, Seabees laying wire mesh on sand. Heavy shelling & destruction. Capturing naked Japanese; POWs. 03:09:25 Marine w/ telephone, men cranking telephone generator communicating to ship & unloading tanks, trucks, big guns moved by hand into jungle. LST unloading. Shots of Aleutian landing; Pacific landing. Fueling fighter plane; Raising flag. Shrine on Tarawa. Dead Japanese. Waves breaking onto beach. Convoy at sea towards camera. 03:10:58 Dock, unloading troops in Africa, troops march along dock. Bombers dropping many bombs, view of Sicily & explosions. Paratroopers seen from plane, ships & LCIs from air & from beach; troops marching up road & taking prisoners. GOOD. 03:11:39 Animated map of Italy showing landings on Italy at Salerno. Fighting from shore. large explosions seen offshore. Ships burning. CU explosions. Tanks into Naples . Map showing Nettuno, Happy people greeting troops arriving. Cairo Conference; Tehran Conference. Winter & Russians. US & English airfield w/ line of bombers. Bombing. Map of northern Europe. LCVPs. Munitions ship exploding at Salerno. Gasoline burning at Bougainville. Treating wounded at Tarawa. Walking blinded soldier in Pacific thru mud. Unid. burial service in rain. 03:15:10 Sign: Dieppe. Nazi footage of raid, firing guns, broken & destroyed equipment on beach. English & British prisoners of Nazis marched past camera. Dieppe street scenes under Nazi control. Giant camouflaged German guns, German trucks thru ?? pulling enormous gun. 03:17:02 Landing craft to shore, troops off & up beach, explosions. The End. WW2 Communications; Invasions; Europe; Pacific; USA Homefront; Industry; NOTE: Any continuous 11 minutes sold at per reel rate.

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